Brastyllyn Gaelgagh

Manx Gaelic Classes

Within this section you will find information about Manx Gaelic Classes available on the Isle of Man. There is also links to other online resources that you may find useful.

Port st Mary


A new class for beginners will be held at the Patchwork Cafe in Port st Mary starting on Tuesday evening, 17th September. 

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Caarjyn ny Gaelgey


Caarjyn ny Gaelgey (Friends of the Manx Language) was established in 1991. The aim of the organisation is to provide opportunities for people to...... Read More

Yn Çheshaght Ghailckagh


Yn Çheshaght Ghailckagh (The Manx Gaelic Society) has a hundred years of history behind it in supporting the development of the language....... Read More

Banglane Twoaie


Banglane Twoaie are the northern Branch of yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh, the Manx Language Society. Their base in at Thie ny Gaelgey (The Manx Gaelic...... Read More

Date:Thu, 01 Jan 1970

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