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Manx Gaelic News: some March skeet

Tue, 06 Mar 2012

Manx Gaelic News

I'm glad to be able to announce that we've got our mobile site for Learnmanx up and running now. This means that you'll be able to access all the best bits from our website on a smartphone and tablet. The specific address is www.learnmanx.com/mobile but you'll be directed straight to the site from your mobile devices by logging on to www.learnmanx.com. There's loads on the site in both Manx and English, whilst a redesign soon to go live, should make a visit an even more pleasurable experience!

We've a basic template in Manx for Facebook now. It works best with a Chrome browser which I'd advise people to use in this case. It's not the whole site; that wouldn't be possible, however, for small language communities such as Manx this offers us an effective and workable  template. Click here to download

We've just released the latest in our cartoon series with Manannan and friends. In this episode they've just returned from the Buggane's party and makeover treat.

I've been busy out and about recently visiting communities and individuals who use and support the language. A  number of these videos are now available to view and include a trip to Port st Mary Commissioners where the local authority are keen to promote the language through signage; a discussion with John Shakespeare from the Strand Shopping Centre on the dynamic between language and business; an interview with Rob Long from Long & Humphrey about their financial support for Manx language activities; I catch up with Mark Tyley from Manx Radio to discuss their continued interest in the language and finally you can hear me in discussion with Edmund Southworth from the Museum discussing their overall strategy for Manx.

One organisation which has played a key role in the revival of interest in the language is the Gaelic Broadcasting Committee. You can find out more about the work of the organisation here in an interview with Phil Gawne MHK, one of the members of the committee, and long-term supporters of Gaelg.

If you're interested in classes or finding out how to go about learning Manx then please let me know.