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Launch of Manx Gaelic version of the Gruffalo

Thu, 20 Sep 2012

Hie lugh veg son shooyl stiagh dy dowin ayns ny keylljyn - A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood

So begins the journey of a quick-witted mouse; a journey that will bring him face-to-face with a number of potential predators, and eventually, the Gruffalo himself!  Now, thanks to support from Lloyds TSB and the Manx Heritage Foundation, one of the most iconic of all children's books is available in Manx.

With a superb translation by Natalie Nic Shìm this modern classic is really brought to life in Manx Gaelic.

Adrian Cain, Manx Language Development Officer for the Manx Heritage Foundation, commented that it was a real coup to get such a fantastic book translated into Manx and that he would like to thank Lloyds TSB for their very generous support with this publication. He went on to say that it was really encouraging to see such a positive dynamic between the language and local business and that the publication of such books illustrates what a vibrant and exciting time it is for the Manx Gaelic.

Peter Reid, Island Director  of Lloyds Bank, is very pleased to be involved with the whole project and commented that;

“It’s a real privilege and very exciting to be involved in the launch of such a great book for children . Keeping alive the Manx language, that has been here much longer than we have, is so important. It enriches our identity as a nation and allows a unique insight into the origins of our language.  

“Gruffalo” not only proves the Manx language is alive and kicking but also in its own right is a great read. We hope in some small way the book will inspire parents and schools to ensure the traditions of our great Island are passed on to future generations

The Gruffalo was launched on Thursday, 20th September, at 9.30am at the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh in St Johns and will be available in book shops on the Island shortly. You can check out the video of the launch from MTTV here and there is also a version in Manx available here

Gruffalo? Agh c'red t'eh? - Gruffalo? - But what's a Gruffalo?

Gruffalo? Nagh nhione dhyt eh? - A Gruffalo! Why, don't you know?

Yn Gruffalo, published by Macmillans Children's Books

Funded by Lloyds TSB and the Manx Heritage Foundation

Translation: Natalie Nic Shìm

For further information on the launch, or the Manx Language in general, then contact Adrian Cain on 451098 / greinneyder@mhf.org.im