There are a variety of Manx Gaelic classes throughout the Island.

For classes in Port st Mary contact Adrian Cain at

For classes at the IOM College contact Brian Stowell at

For classes in St Johns contact Joan Caine at

For classes in St Judes contact Fiona McArdle at

For classes Ramsey contact Paul Salmon on 451261

For lunchtime classes in Douglas and also for work-based classes contact Adrian Cain at or on 451098. 


Weekly conversational classes are held at:

The Mitre in Kirk Michael from 8.00pm on a Tuesday

Costa at the Sea Terminal in Douglas from 5.00pm on a Wednesday

Greens in St Johns at 12.00pm every Thursday 

Cafe Delicious by the beach in Port Erin on a Friday from 12.00pm

The Swimming Pool in Ramsey on a Friday from 10.00am

Every Friday at Jabberwocky in Douglas from 6.00pm 

There is a conversational class each third Saturday of the Month from 10.00 - 12.00 at St Johns House, Main Road, St Johns

There is a meeting at The White House in Peel on the first Tuesday of every month from 8.00pm 

Every Sunday night at The Northern Lights Community Centre in Ramsey

There is a meeting at The Glue Pot in Castletown on the first Thursday of every month from 9.00pm 

Other events:

Manx Gaelic scrabble at the Bar George in Douglas on the third Wednesday of each month from 7.30pm. 

There is a Music and Manx Gaelic celebration the last Friday of each month at the Albert in Port st Mary from 9.00pm.

Loayrtee Hwoaie continue to meet fortnightly at Thie ny Gaelgey on Tuesdays at 8pm. Anyone with some conversational Manx welcome - contribute as much or as little as you wish. Fiona 454120

For information about any conversational groups and classes it's best to check with Adrian Cain on 451098 


Manx Radio shows

Traa dy Liooar with Bob Carswell on a Monday afternoon from 5.00-6.00pm on Medium Wave
For more information visit: 

Jamys Jeheiney on a Friday afternoon with James O'Meara from 5.00-6.00pm 
For more information visit:

Moghrey Jedoonee with Brian Stowell on a Sunday morning from 10.00
For more invitation visit:

Clare ny Gael with Bob Carswell from 8.00pm on a Sunday
For more information visit:

and Shiaght Laa from 6.05pm on a Wednesday afternoon
For more information visit: