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Click on one the boxes above to open the chatbot relevant to the lesson in your book.

When the bot opens you'll be greeted with the following screen:

The full chatbot screen on mobile

At the top of the screen is the conversation number and the name of the bot you're chatting with.

Top of the chatbot screen showing conversation number and bot name

The center portion of the screen (with a grey background) is where messages will appear. Here you will see the messages the bot sends and your replies.

Center portion of the screen showing the active conversation

Note that some of the Manx text from the bot will appear with a dotted underline. This indicates new words. (As the conversation progresses, fewer words will be underlined.)

You can press on the underlined word (or hover over it if using a mouse) to see the English meaning of the word.

At the bottom of the screen there are two important parts: the input box and the prompt.

Bottom of the screen showing the input box and the prompt

Write your replies directly into the input box using your keyboard as you would with any other messaging tool.

To send your message press the RETURN key on the keyboard.

Mobile keyboard with return key highlighted.

The prompt line (the text at the very bottom) tells you what to write next. (Be careful to include all of the words in the sentence!) It also offers other hints, like telling you when the bot is writing its reply and pointing out which words need to be retyped if you make a mistake.

Prompt line showing the word to be corrected

You can exit a conversation at any time by clicking the back arrow at the top of the screen or either of the logos at the bottom of the screen.

Extra Features

If you can't remember a word you've learned already you can ask the bot for some help.

Just write 'How do you say...' followed by whichever word you want to know in inverted commas and then the words 'in Manx?'

If, for example, you wanted to know the word for 'fine' in Manx, write 'How do you say "fine" in Manx?' and the bot will remind you. (Note, double quotation marks are needed for this to work.)

Ask the bot to remind you if you forget a word

You can also simply ask 'What is...?' or more simply still 'What's...?' followed by the rest of the question, for example, 'What's "fine" in Manx?' (remember the double quotation marks!).

Finally, you can ask the bot to tell you what a Manx word is in English by writing 'in English?' at the end instead of 'in Manx?', for example, 'What's "braew" in English?'


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