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Ned Maddrell Lecture 2013

Ned maddrell Lecture 2013

The last twenty years have seen a remarkable growth in interest and support for the language on-Island but what Manx people often don't release is the  international dimension to this revival. What has been achieved here is being closely followed throughout the world an interest that is illustrated by this year's Ned Maddrell Lecture which will be delivered by Peter Muhlhausler, Professor of Linguistics at the University of Adelaide, Australia.

Peter is visiting the island to see what lessons he can learn that may help benefit other lesser used languages in Australia. In particular he is after ideas to support his work in Norfolk Island which  is a small Island located between Australia and New Zealand and which is part of the Commonwealth of Australia.

There are some interesting historical links between Norfolk Island and the Isle of Man; the Island was settled in the 1850s from Pitcairn Island . The "language known as 'Norf'k'" is described as the language "that is spoken by descendants of the first free settlers of Norfolk Island who were descendants of the settlers of Pitcairn Island". Christian continues to be a common surname in Norfolk Island

In his lecture, which will be delivered at the Stable Building at the University Centre on Saturday, September 14th at 3.00pm and which is hosted by the Manx Heritage Foundation, Peter will give an overview of the language situation in Norfolk and of his work in Australia.

During his stay Peter hopes to visit the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh in St Johns together with a number of those people involved in the resurgence of interest in the language.

Adrian Cain. the Manx Language Development Officer for the Manx Heritage Foundation says 'that such a visit gives really credibility to the work we carry out here whilst providing great PR for the language and also raising the profile of the Island internationally.' This is a good news story for both the language and the Island. 


For more information about the language contact Adrian Cain at 451098 / 

For more information about the language contact Adrian Cain at 451098 /


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