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Paloma: New book for adult learners published


Paloma is one of a series of three books written for adult learners of Irish by Pól Ó Muirí who is Irish Language Editor of The Irish Times. This is the first of those three books to be translated into Manx. The translation is by Natalie Nic Shìm who was also responsible for the translation of the Gruffalo into Manx. The text is accompanied by footnotes to help the reader together with a CD of the story being narrated.

Paloma tells the story of Paloma Pettigrew, a young female Garda who moves to the quiet countryside but comes across unexpected problems and has a complicated and dangerous crime to solve.

Paloma is aimed at students of Manx who have a good understanding of the language but who would like to improve their language skills. The accompanying CD allows the student to follow the story and encourages good pronunciation.

The book, which has been produced by Adrian Cain, the Manx Language Development Officer for the Manx Heritage Foundation, is now available in bookshops. The Foundation who liked to extend their gratitude to Pól Ó Muirí for his generosity in supporting the publication and it is hoped that the two other books in the series will be published over the next year.

Published: Thu, 01 Jan 1970