Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Adult & Business Manx

Adult & Business Manx

For information on classes then you should intially contact the Manx Language Development Officer for Culture Vannin  

For learning online, then we recommend starting with our Say Something in Manx course. You can supplement your learning here our podcast and 1000 word challenge which were produced as part of the Island of Culture celebrations have proved popular and useful to learners.

You should also check out the updated versions of our two apps Manx Songs and Rhymes and Learn Manx which are availble on Google Play and the iStore.

iStore:  Manx Songs and  Learn Manx 

Google play: Manx Songs and Rhymes and Learn Manx 

More advanced lessons are available on our website here

If you are just interested in learning a few words of Manx then check out some simple lessons here

NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL NEW GREINNEYDER RECRUITED: Culture Vannin is happy to help with short-courses in Manx for business. These lessons usually last ten or fifteen weeks and are a great way to get staff up-and-running with the language. If this is something of interest, then contact us