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Yn Eiraght Americaanagh

The American Inheritance

The American Inheritance part eight

The American Inheritance 8.1.1   

Kirree, Ealee and Juan    
come back from the swimming pool.   
Ealee doesn’t think much of the pool.                                   

Ealee: It costs too much to go in.   
And it’s incredibly noisy in there!   
Kirree: It costs more in Cleveland.   
And it’s always noisy in    
swimming pools.   
Ealee: I wouldn’t expect anything   
else from you!   
Kirree: Excuse me if I’ve made    
you mad.   
I was only saying what I was thinking.   

Ealee: I’m feeling a little tired.   
Juan: Would you like to have a rest?   
Ealee: I’d like to watch television.                                   
There’s a good play on.

They watch television in an    
uncomfortable state.   

The American Inheritance 8.1.2   

That night, Ealee utters   
her anger and suspicion.   

Ealee: I was really livid at that    
swimming pool.   
Juan: I know. But there’s no need   
to be like that.   
Ealee: What are you saying?   
Can I believe my ears?   
She comes here and wastes    
our time instead of doing what   
she ought to do.   
Juan: All right, we’ll make sure   
that she goes to the   
Records Office tomorrow.   
Ealee: I’ll pull her there with a rope!   
Anyway, how do we know she    
is Kirree Crennell?   
Juan: Oh, don’t say that!   
Of course she’s Kirree.   
Ealee: How do you know?   
Juan: She looks just like the   
photo they sent.   
Ealee: How do you know who sent it?     
Juan: This is mad!   
I’m going to bed.   

Lying in bed, Juan is not sure    
that it is Kirree Crennell.   

The American Inheritance 8.1.3   

The following morning,   
Juan and Ealee are waiting for    
Kirree to appear.   

Someone knocks on the                         

Juan goes to open it.   
There’s a man at the door.   
 He looks official.   

Caller:  Excuse me, Sir, but    
is a lady called Kirree Crennell   
living here?   

Juan:    Er....yes.    
What do you want?   
Caller: I’m Inspector Jones,   
from the police.   
I’d like to have a chat with    
Kirree Crennell.   

He shows Juan his identification.    
Juan: Right, come in, please.   
They go into the house.
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 8.1.1

Ta Kirree, Ealee as Juan
çheet erash veih’n loghan-snaue
Cha nel Ealee coontey monney
jeh’n loghan.
T’eh costal rouyr dy gholl stiagh.
As t’eh sheeanagh ass towse sthie
ayns shen!
T’eh costal ny smoo ayns Cleveland.
As t’eh kinjagh sheeanagh ayns
Cha jinnin jerkal rish red erbee
elley voyds!
Gow my leshtal my ta mee er chur
corree ort.
Cha row mee agh gra
ny va mee smooinaghtyn.
Ta mee gennaghtyn beggan skee.
By vie lhiat goaill fea?
By vie lhiam jeeaghyn er y    
çhellveeish. Ta cloie mie ry akin.

T’ad jeeaghyn er y çhellveeish as
adsyn meegherjoilagh.
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 8.1.2

Yn oie shen, ta Ealee fockley’n
corree as drogh-ourys eck.

Va mee jiarg-chorree ec y
loghan-snaue shen.
Ta fys aym.  Agh cha lhiass dhyt
ve myr shen.
C’red t’ou gra?
Noddym credjal ny cleayshyn aym?
T’ee çheet dys shoh as jummal
y traa ain syn ynnyd jeh jannoo ny
lhisagh ee jannoo.
Mie dy liooar, neemayd shickyr
dy jean ee goll dys
Oik ny Recortyssyn mairagh.
Nee’m tayrn ee dys shen lesh tead!
Ansherbee, kevys dooin dy nee
Kirree Crennell t’ayn?
Ogh, n’abbyr un ‘ockle!
Son shickyrys, she Kirree t’ayn.
Kevys dhyt?
T’ee jeeaghyn kiart goll rish y
caslys-soilshey hug ad.
Kevys dhyt quoi hug eh?
Ta shoh gyn keeall!
Ta mish goll dy lhie.

As eh ny lhie, cha nel Juan shickyr
dy nee Kirree Crennell t’ayn.

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 8.1.3

Y moghrey er giyn,
ta Juan as Ealee fuirraghtyn rish
Kirree dy heet rish.

Ta peiagh ennagh crankal er y    

Ta Juan goll dy ‘osley eh.
Ta dooinney ec y dorrys.
Ta cummey oikoil er.

Gow my leshtal, Vainshtyr, agh
vel ben enmyssit Kirree Crennell
cummal ayns shoh?

C’red t’ou laccal?
Mish y Scruteyr Jones,
By vie lhiam goaill cowag marish
Kirree Crennell.

T’eh jeeaghyn e phabyr-enney da
Mie dy liooar, tar stiagh, my sailt.
T’ad goll stiagh sy thie.

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