Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh

The American Inheritance

The American Inheritance part fifteen

The American Inheritance 15.1.1   

Subsequently, there is a big story on   
television about Kirree.   
Ealee and Juan are astounded.                                   

Ealee: Look, they say the FBI and      
and CIA are involved in it!   
Juan: nvolved in what?   
Ealee: Criminals trying to launder   
drugs money,  they say.   
Someone knocks at the front door.                      

Juan goes to the door and opens it.                           

There is a young woman     
standing there.   

Young woman:  Good evening.   
I’m Michelle Cohen from CNN.   
I believe Mary Schwartz was                               
living here?   
Juan:  Uhh...Yes..   
Michelle: What was she like?   
Juan:  She was all right..   
Michelle: And did you suspect     
that she was an    
international criminal?   
Ealee comes to the door.    
Ealee: What’s happening here?   
Juan: It’s CNN, asking about Kirree.   
Ealee: We know nothing.   
Michelle: Did you suspect anything?   
Ealee: I suspected from the start...
Juan: You didn’t!   
Ealee: We don’t want to be    
on television.   
Michelle: That’s a pity.   
We’re filming now.    .
Ealee and Juan flee inside.   

The American Inheritance 15.1.2   

Lots of media people and police                       
come to see    
Ealee and Juan.  

Inspector Jones is one of the    

Juan: Can you tell us what happened?   
Inspector Jones: I don’t know all     
about it.   
These criminals in America     
intended to use the Isle of Man   
for their ‘business’.   
Ealee: Why the Isle of Man?   
Inspector Jones:  A quiet place, and   
they had contacts through    
the real Kirree Crennell.   
Juan: Is she a criminal too?   
Inspector Jones: No, they just      
used her.   
Juan: Their research was good.   
Ealee: It wasn’t good enough!   

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 15.1.1

Lurg shen, ta skeeal mooar er y
çhellveeish mychione Kirree.
Ta Ealee as Juan goaill yindys

Jeeagh, t’ad gra dy vel laue ec yn
FBI as y CIA ayn!
Laue ayns c’red?
Kimmee prowal dy niee argid-
druggaghyn, t’ad gra.
Ta peiagh ennagh crankal ec y

Ta Juan goll dys y dorrys as fosley

Ta ben aeg
ny shassoo ayns shen.

Fastyr mie.
Mish Michelle Cohen veih CNN.
Ta mee credjal dy row Mary
Schwartz cummal ayns shoh?
Cre goll rish v’ee?
V’ee mie dy liooar..
As row drogh-ourys ayd
dy row ee ny
kimmagh eddyrashoonagh?
Ta Ealee çheet dys y dorrys.
C’red ta taghyrt ayns shoh?
She CNN t’ayn, briaght mysh Kirree.
Cha nhione dooin veg.
Row drogh-ourys eu er red erbee?
Va drogh-ourys aym veih’n
Cha row!
Cha nel shin laccal dy ve
er y çhellveeish.
S’treih shen.
Ta shin filmey nish
Ta Ealee as Juan çhea stiagh.

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 15.1.2

Ta ram sleih-ym-ysseraght as    
meoiryn-shee çheet lesh shilley er
Ealee as Juan.

Ta’n Scruteyr Jones nane jeusyn
cur shilley.

Nod oo ginsh dooin cre haghyr?
Cha nel fys aym er gagh nhee
bentyn rish.
Ny kimmee shoh ayns America,
v’ad kiarail gymmydey Mannin
son y ‘dellal’ oc.
Cre’n fa Mannin?
Boayl feagh, as
va kianglaghyn oc liorish
y Kirree Crennell firrinagh.
Vel ish ny kimmagh neesht?
Cha nel, cha row ad agh
goaill ymmyd jee.
Va’n ronsagh oc mie.
Cha row eh mie dy liooar!   


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