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Yn Eiraght Americaanagh

The American Inheritance

The American Inheritance part fourteen

The American Inheritance 14.1.1   

Kirree wants to get money   
from a bank.   
She goes to a bank in Douglas   
with Ealee and Juan.   

Kirree: I want to get American     
money with this credit card.   
Juan: There’s the place for    
international business.   
Kirree goes to the counter.   
Assistant: Can I help you?   
Kirree: I’d like two hundred      
American dollars.   
Here’s my card...   
Assistant: Thank you.  Would you   
sign this form, please...                       

Thank you.  I’ll be back   
in a minute.   

The assistant does not come back   
in a minute.   

At last, she appears,    
with a manager.   

Manager: Excuse me, madam,   
but there appears to be       
a difficulty.   
I’m sorry, but we can’t   
give you the money    
at this point in time.   
Kirree: What difficulty?   
Manager: Your card isn’t valid.   
Kirree complains, but cannot    
get the money.   
She leaves the bank   
with Ealee and Juan.   

The American Inheritance 14.1.2   

When they arrive home, there is a    
police car outside.     
Ealee: Good heavens!     
There’s Inspector Jones!   
Inspector Jones: I’m sorry, but   
I have an unpleasant duty.   
He looks at Kirree.   
Inspector Jones: Mary Schwartz,    
I am arresting you.   
Anything you say    
may be taken down     
and used in evidence    
against you...   
Kirree: Is this a joke?   
And who’s Mary Schwartz?   
Inspector Jones: It’s not a joke.   
And you are Mary Schwartz.    .
Come with us, please.   
Kirree: This is scandalous.   
I demand a lawyer!   
Inspector Jones:  We can arrange that   
at the station.   
Get in the car, please.    

They get in and the police car   
drives off.   

Juan: I know what you’re about to say.   
Ealee: I won’t say it.   
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 14.1.1

Ta Kirree laccal geddyn argid
veih banc.
T’ee goll dys banc ayns Doolish
marish Ealee as Juan.

Ta mee laccal geddyn argid
lesh y kaart-daill shoh.
Shen y boayl cour
dellal eddyrashoonagh.
Ta Kirree goll dys y boayrd-coontee.
Noddym cooney lhiu?
By vie lhiam daa cheead
dollar Americaanagh
Shoh my chaart...
Gura mie eu.  Jinnagh shiu
screeu yn ennym eu er y ferrym    
shoh, my sailliu...
Gura mie eu.  Nee’m çheet erash
ayns minnid.

Cha nel y ven-choonee çheet erash
ayns minnid.

Fy-yerrey, t’ee çheet rish,
marish reireyder.

Gow-shiu my leshtal, venainshtyr,
agh t’eh jeeaghyn dy vel
doilleeid ayn.
S’treih lhiam, agh cha nodmayd
cur yn argid diu
ec y traa t’ayn.
Cre’n doilleeid?
Cha nel y kaart eu breeoil.
Ta Kirree gaccan, agh cha nod ee
geddyn yn argid.
T’ee faagail y banc
marish Ealee as Juan.

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 14.1.2

Tra t’ad roshtyn y thie, ta
gleashtan meoiryn-shee çheu-
Graih veen!
Shen y Scruteyr Jones!
S’treih lhiam, agh
ta currym neu-haitnyssagh aym.
T’eh jeeaghyn er Kirree.
Mary Schwartz,
ta mee goaill seose shiu.
Red erbee ta shiu gra,
oddagh eh ve screeut sheese
as ymmyd jeant jeh myr feanish
noi eu...
Vel shoh ny spotçh?
As quoi Mary Schwartz?
Cha nel eh ny spotçh.
As shiuish Mary Schwartz
Tar-shiu marin, my sailliu.
Ta shoh scammyltagh.
Ta mee gaggyrt leighder!.
Fodmayd reaghey shen
ec y stashoon.
Gow-shiu stiagh sy ghleashtan,
my sailliu.

T’ad goll stiagh as ta’n gleashtan
meoiryn-shee gimman ersooyl.

Shione dou ny t’ou uss er-çhee gra.
Cha jeanym gra eh.

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