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Yn Eiraght Americaanagh

The American Inheritance

The American Inheritance part nine

The American Inheritance 9.1.1

Kirree comes down as the     
Inspector comes into the house.   

Inspector: Are you Kirree Crennell?   
Kirree:Yes, that’s me.   
Who’s this? 
Inspector: I’m a policeman,   
Inspector Jones.   
Kirree:  A policeman!   
What do you want?   
Inspector:  Excuse me, but I only want     
to have a little chat.   
Ealee: You can go into    
the sitting room.   

The Inspector and Kirree      
go into the sitting room.   

Ealee shuts the door   
and sits down in the kitchen   
with Juan.   

Ealee: I thought something   
strange was going on.

The American Inheritance 9.1.2   

After half an hour, the Inspector   
and Kirree come out of the    
sitting room.   

Ealee: Would you like a cup of tea,   
Inspector Jones?   
Inspector: No, thanks very much.                       
I have to get back.   
Thank you for your help,   

The Inspector leaves the house.   

Kirree looks worried.   

Kirree: I don’t believe this.   
He took my passport from me!   
Juan: You don’t say!   
Why did he do that?   

Kirree: Some nonsense from    
the Cleveland police.   
Maybe I’ve got a false   
Juan:How could that be?   
It’s ridiculous!   

Kirree: I’m sure they’ll sort it out.   
How about going    
to the Records Office?   
Ealee: Yes, that’s a good idea.   

Kirree goes upstairs to get ready.   

The American Inheritance 9.1.3   

Ealee and Juan are whispering    
about Kirree.   

Ealee: Didn’t I tell you      
she was strange?   
Juan: It’s strange the police came.   
Ealee:Maybe the Mafia are involved!   
Juan: And maybe not.   
It’s likely the whole thing is   

Ealee:Don’t be silly!   

Kirree comes down and   
they go to the Records Office.   
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 9.1.1

Ta Kirree çheet neose myr ta’n
Scruteyr çheet stiagh sy thie.

Vel uss Kirree Crennell?
Ta, shen mish.
Quoi shoh?
Ta mee my veoir-shee,
Y Scruteyr Jones.
C’red t’ou uss laccal?
Gow-shiu my leshtal, agh cha nel
mee laccal agh goaill cowag veg.
Foddee shiu goll stiagh sy

Ta’n Scruteyr as Kirree
goll stiagh sy çhamyr-soie.

Ta Ealee jeigh’ n dorrys
as soie sheese sy çhamyr-aarlee
marish Juan.

Smooinee mish dy row red ennagh
quaagh goll er.

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 9.1.2

Lurg lieh oor, ta’n Scruteyr
as Kirree çheet magh ass yn

By vie lhiat cappan dy hey,
Scruteyr Jones?
Cha by vie lhiam, gura mie mooar eu.
Shegin dou goll erash.
Gura mie eu son y cooney eu,

Ta’n Scruteyr faagail y thie.

Ta Kirree jeeaghyn boirit.

Cha nel mee credjal shoh.
Ghow eh my chied-troailt voym!
N’abbyr un ‘ockle!
Cre’n fa ren eh shen?

Boghtynid ennagh veih
meoiryn-shee Cleveland.
Foddee dy vel kied-troailt
foalsey aym!
Cre’n aght oddagh shen y ve?
T’eh ommidjagh!

Ta mee shickyr dy jean ad reaghey eh.
Cre mysh goll
dys Oik ny Recortyssyn?
She, shen eie mie.

Ta Kirree goll seose dy yannoo                        

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 9.1.3

Ta Ealee as Juan loayrt myr sannish
mychione Kirree.

Nagh dinsh mee dhyt
dy row ee quaagh?
T’eh quaagh dy daink meoir-shee.
Foddee dy vel laue ec y Mafia ayn!
As foddee nagh vel.
S’cosoylagh nagh vel olk erbee
sy chooish.

Ny bee bolvaneagh!

Ta Kirree çheet neose as
t’ad goll dys Oik ny Recortyssyn.

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