Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh

The American Inheritance

The American Inheritance part one

The American Inheritance 1.1.1

Kirree comes to the Isle of Man.
Juan is at the airport.
He’s waiting for Kirree.
She’s coming from America.
The people are coming from
the plane.

Juan has a notice: ‘Kirree Crennell’.

Kirree:Are you Juan Kelly?
Juan: Yes, I’m Juan Kelly.
And you’re Kirree Crennell?
Kirree:That’s right! Good morning!
I like being in the Isle of Man.
Juan: Good morning. I’m pleased
to meet you.

Juan and Kirree go to Douglas
in Juan’s car.

Kirree is staying with Juan
and Ealee, his wife.

The American Inheritance 1.1.2

Kirree goes into the house.
She is tall and beautiful.
She has black hair and brown eyes.
Ealee greets her.

Ealee:Welcome to the Isle of Man.
How are you?
Kirree:Fine, thanks. A bit tired. .
Juan:No wonder.
You had a long trip.
Ealee:Would you like a drink?
Kirree:No, thanks.
Excuse me, but could I lie down?
Your room is upstairs.
Ealee:I’ll show you.

Ealee comes down from
Kirree’s room.

Ealee:That’s not very nice,
going to bed now.
Juan:But she came from America!
Ealee:I know, but it’s a bit strange.
Juan:She’s come to find
relatives here.

The American Inheritance 1.1.3

Ealee:I’m going to bed myself.
Juan:How old is Kirree?
Juan:I’d say she’s older than that.
Thirty, maybe.
Ealee:And where does she live in America?
Juan:I thought you knew.
In Cleveland, in the city itself. .
Ealee:What sort of a place is it?
Juan:It’s gone down hill.
Ealee:Has Kirree got any brothers or sisters?
Juan:One brother and two sisters, I think.
I thought you were going to bed.
Ealee:I’m going now.
Juan:We’ll find out more in the morning.

Ealee and Juan go to bed,
even though it is quite early.
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 1.1.1

Ta Kirree çheet dys Mannin.
Ta Juan ec yn phurt-aer.
T’eh fuirraghtyn rish Kirree.
T’ee çheet voish America.
Ta’n sleih çheet voish
yn etlan.

Ta fogrey ec Juan: ‘Kirree Crennell'.

Nee uss Juan Kelly?
She, she mish Juan Kelly.
As nee uss Kirree Crennell?
Shen kiart! Moghrey mie!
S’mie lhiam ve ayns Mannin.
Moghrey mie. S’taittin lhiam
çheet dty whail.

Ta Juan as Kirree goll dys Doolish
ayns gleashtan Yuan.

Ta Kirree tannaghtyn marish Juan
as Ealee, yn ven echey.

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 1.1.2

Ta Kirree goll stiagh ayns y thie.
T’ee toallee as aalin.
Ta folt doo as sooillyn dhone eck.
Ta Ealee goltaghey ee.

Failt ort dys Mannin.
Kys t’ou?
Braew, gura mie ayd. Beggan skee
Cha nyrrys.
Va turrys liauyr ayd.
By vie lhiat jough?
Cha by vie lhiam, gura mie ayd.
Gow my leshtal, agh noddin goll dy lhie?
Son shickyrys.
Ta’n çhamyr ayd heose.
Nee’m jeeaghyn dhyt.

Ta Ealee çheet neose voish
shamyr Chirree.

Cha nel shen feer yesh,
goll dy lhie nish.
Agh ren ee çheet voish America!
Ta fys aym, agh t’eh beggan quaagh.
T’ee er jeet dy ‘eddyn
sleih-mooinjerey ayns shoh.

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 1.1.3

Ta mish hene goll dy lhie.
Cre’n eash ta Kirree?
Queig as feed?
Yinnin gra dy vel ee ny shinney na
shen. Jeih as feed, foddee.
As c’raad t’ee cummal ayns America?
Heill mish dy row fys ayd.
Ayns Cleveland, syn ard-valley hene
Cre’n sorçh dy voayl t’ayn?
T’eh er ngoll sheese y liargagh.
Vel braaraghyn ny shuyraghyn ec Kirree?
Un vraar as daa huyr, ta mee smooinaghtyn.
Smooinee mish dy row uss goll dy lhie.
Ta mee goll nish.
Neemayd feddyn magh ny smoo sy voghrey.

Ta Ealee as Juan goll dy lhie,
ga dy vel eh moghey dy liooar.

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