Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh

The American Inheritance

The American Inheritance part six

The American Inheritance 6.1.1   

Kirree finds out about the    
government of the Isle of Man
as they drive back to Douglas.   

Ealee: There’s Tynwald Hill.     
Tynwald meets there       
every year on the fifth   
of July.   
Kirree:  What’s Tynwald?
Ealee:  The Manx parliament.   
Juan: Didn’t your people    
tell you about it?   
Kirree: I never paid much    
Ealee: The House of Keys is    
the most important part   
of Tynwald.   
Kirree:  Why ‘Kiare as Feed’?   
Ealee:   Because there are twenty-   
four members in it, each one         
elected by the people.   
Juan: Is the lesson over?   
Kirree: It’s OK - I’m interested    
in this stuff.   

The American Inheritance 6.1.2   

The car is in a long line of    
other cars behind a bus.   

Juan:Oh dear me!   
We’re stuck now -   
damned bus!   
Ealee:Would you believe it?   
And here’s a man who’s      
worried about the environment.   
Kirree: What’s public transport    
like here?   
Juan: It depends on where you live.   
Ealee: Naturally.   
It’s bad without a car    
for the most part.   
Juan:There are vintage steam trains    
and electric trains as well.   
Kirree:Where do they go?   
Juan:Between Douglas and    
Port Erin, and Douglas and   
Kirree: And what about transport   
to and from the Isle of Man?   
Ealee:You can fly between the      
Island and the United Kingdom   
and Ireland throughout the year.   
You can sail between the    
Island and England    
throughout the year too   
The boats go to Ireland in the    
Juan:We’re coming into Douglas.

The American Inheritance 6.1.3   

Juan, Ealee and Kirree drive   
through Douglas.   

Ealee: Most of the    
finance sector is here.   
Juan: The Isle of Man Government     
earns lots of money from it.   
Kirree: And what about tourism?   
Don’t lots of tourists    
come here?   
Ealee:No.  It’s not like      
the old days.   

Juan: But tourism for special things   
is fairly important.   
Kirree: And farming?   
Ealee:It’s difficult being a farmer      
in the Isle of Man now!   
Kirree: Yes, I noticed not      
much land is being cultivated.   
Juan: The poor farmers!   
Ealee: Here’s the house now.   

Juan parks the car    
and they go into the house.   
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 6.1.1

Ta Kirree feddyn magh mychione
reiltys Vannin as ad gimman
erash dys Doolish.

Shen Cronk Keeill Eoin.
Ta Tinvaal çhaglym ayns shen
dagh blein er y wheiggoo laa
jeh Jerrey-souree
C’red ta Tinvaal?
Yn ardwhaiyl Vanninagh.
Nagh ren y sleih-mooinjerey ayd
ginsh dhyt my-e-kione?
Cha ren mee rieau cur monney
Ta’n Kiare as Feed
yn ayrn smoo scanshoil
jeh Tinvaal.
Cre’n fa ‘Kiare as Feed’?
Er y fa dy vel kiare olteynyn
as feed ayn, gagh fer
er ny reih liorish y theay.
Vel y lessoon jeant?
T’eh mie dy liooar - ta anaase aym
er y stoo shoh.

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 6.1.2   

Ta’n gleashtan ayns strane liauyr
dy ghleashtanyn elley çheu-heear
jeh barroose

Graih veen!
Ta shin goit nish -
barroose mollaghtagh!
Jinnagh oo credjal eh?
As shoh dooinney ta
boirit mychione y çhymmyltaght.
Cre goll rish ta’n arraghey
theayagh ayns shoh?
T’eh croghey er y voayl t’ou
cummal ayn.
Dy dooghyssagh.
T’eh olk fegooish gleashtan
son y chooid smoo.
Ta shenn traenyn-bree as traenyn-
lectragh ayn neesht.
C’raad t’adsyn goll?
Eddyr Doolish as
Purt Çhiarn, as Doolish as
As cre mychione arraghey
gys as voish Mannin?
Foddee oo getlagh eddyr yn
Ellan as y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit
as Nerin car ny bleeaney.
Foddee oo shiaulley eddyr yn
Ellan as Sostyn
car ny bleeaney neesht.
Ta ny baatyn goll gys Nerin ayns y
Ta shin çheet stiagh ayns Doolish.

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 6.1.3

Ta Juan, Ealee as Kirree gimman
trooid Doolish.

Ta’n chooid smoo jeh’n
cherroo-argidys ayns shoh.
Ta Reiltys Vannin
cosney ram argid ass.
As cre mychione y turrysid?
Nagh vel ram turrysee
çheet dys shoh?
Cha nel.  Cha nel eh goll rish
ny shenn laghyn.

Agh turrysid son reddyn er-lheh,
shen scanshoil dy liooar.
As yn eirinys?
S’doillee ve dty eirinagh
ayns Mannin nish!
She, hug mee my ner nagh vel
monney thalloo goll er obbraghey.
Ny eirinee voghtey!
Shoh y thie nish.

Ta Juan pairkal y gleashtan
as t’ad goll stiagh sy thie.

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