Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh

The American Inheritance

The American Inheritance part ten

The American Inheritance 10.1.1

At long last, Kirree is in
the Records Office.

An official there would like more
information on the farm
her people might have

Official: The farm might have been
near to Ballaugh?
Kirree: Yes. And it might have been
owned by people called
Official: When was this, do you know?
Kirree: Oh, between 1850 and 1890,

Official: This isn’t a small job
I’m afraid.
It could be quite expensive.
that’s all right, is it?
Kirree: Yes, certainly.
How long will it take?
Official: It’s difficult to say.
Come back tomorrow.
Kirree: All right. Goodbye now.
Official: Goodbye.

The American Inheritance 10.1.2

While Kirree was talking to
the official, Ealee and Juan were
waiting outside.

Eallee:We should have gone in to        
make sure she’s really            
ooking for that farm.           
Juan:Maybe. That’s very strange       
about the passport.           
Ealee:Yes I’m convinced that-        
Here she is now…           
Kirree:That was OK. Maybe            
they can find something.
Ealee:It’ll be difficult. You haven’t
got much information.
Juan: Anyway, let’s get
a cup of coffee.

They go to a café.

The American Inheritance 10.1.3

In the café, Ealee wants
to find out about Kirree’s passport.

Ealee: Aren’t you worried about
your passport?
Kirree: Yes, a bit.
But it’ll be all right in the end.
Ealee: What’s at the bottom of it?
Kirree: The Cleveland police
think someone is
impersonating me.
Ealee: How do we know
you are Kirree Crennell?
Kirree: You have to believe me,
that’s all!

Ealee is very doubtful.
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 10.1.1

Fy yerrey hoal, ta Kirree ayns
Oik ny Recortyssyn.

Fer-oik ayns shen, by vie lesh
tooilley fys er y ghowaltys
va lesh e sleih-mooinjerey,

Foddee dy row y gowaltys
faggys da Balley ny Loghey?
She. As foddee dy row eh
lesh sleih enmyssit
Cuin va shoh, vel fys eu?
Oh, eddyr hoght-jeig, jeih as daeed
as hoght-jeig, as jeih as
kiare feed ,

Cha nee kiartey beg t’ayn,
s’treih lhiam gra.
Oddagh eh ve costal dy liooar.
Ta shen mie dy liooar, vel?
Ta, son shickyrys.
Cre cho foddey as vees eh goaill?
S’doillee shen y ghra.
Tar-shiu erash mairagh.
Mie dy liooar. Slane lhiu nish.
Slane lhiu.

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 10.1.2

Choud’s va Kirree loayrt rish
y fer-oik, va Ealee as Juan
fuirraghtyn çheu-mooie.

Lhisagh shin er ngoll stiagh dy
hickyraghey dy vel ee dy firrinagh
shirrey’n gowaltys shen.
Foddee. Ta shen feer whaagh
mychione y kied–troailt.
Ta. Ta mish lane shickyr dy-
shoh ee nish…
Va shen mie dy liooar. Foddee
dy vod ad feddyn magh red ennagh.
Bee eh doillee. Cha nel monney
fysseree ayd.
Ansherbee, lhig dooin geddyn
cappan dy chaffee.

T’ad goll dys thie-bee.

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 10.1.3

Sy thie-bee, ta Ealee laccal
feddyn magh mychione kied-troailt
Nagh vel oo boirit mychione
dty chied-troailt?
Ta, beggan.
Agh bee eh mie dy liooar sy jerrey.
C’red ta bun y chooish?
Ta meoiryn-shee Cleveland
smooinaghtyn dy vel peiagh ennagh
jannoo arrish orrym.
Kevys dooin
dy vel uss Kirree Crennell?
T’eh erriu credjal mish,
shen ooilley!

Ta Ealee feer ouryssagh.

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