Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh

The American Inheritance

The American Inheritance part thirteen

The American Inheritance 13.1.1   

Ealee and Juan are at home.   
Kirree is upstairs.   

Juan:I told you she was all right.    
Ealee: You weren’t sure.   
Anyway,  something strange      
is happening.   
Juan: You won’t be pleased    
until she’s back in Cleveland.    

Ealee: Maybe not.   
Kirree comes downstairs.   
Kirree: Excuse me, but are you   
on the Internet?   
I’d like to send an e-mail home.    
Ealee: No, we’re not on the Internet. 
Juan: We could go to the library.   
You could send e-mail    
from there.   
Kirree: If that’s too much trouble..   
Juan: No, it’ll be all right.   
We can go shortly.   
Ealee: I’ll come too.   
I have to renew some books.   

The American Inheritance 13.1.2   

At the library, Kirree pays   
to use a computer.   
Librarian: How much time    
do you want? An hour?   
Kirree: Oh, far less than that.   
Is that enough money?   
Librarian: Yes, thanks.   
The computers are over here.   
Kirree sits down       
to send her message.   
Kirree: I hope I’ve got      
the right address.   
Juan: I don’t know anything      
about this stuff.   
Will it be all right if I watch?         
Kirree: This is crazy, but                    
computers make me shy!   
I don’t like people watching me.                            
Juan: Never mind.  I like looking    
at the books.   
Juan and Ealee look at books.     
Lots of books.   
Juan: She’s spending a lot of time   
sending that message.   
Ealee: That’s the way with computers.   
But I can’t believe she’s    
shy at any time!   
At long last, Kirree is finished.   
Kirree: I wasn’t used to the computer.
I’m sorry to put you out,   
but could we go to a bank?   
Ealee: God forbid!   
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 13.1.1

Ta Ealee as Juan ec y thie.
Ta Kirree heose.

Dinsh mee dhyt dy row ee mie dy
Cha row uss shickyr.
Ansherbee, ta red ennagh quaagh
Cha bee uss jeant bwooiagh
derrey vees ee erash ayns
Foddee nagh bee.
Ta Kirree çheet neose.
Gow-shiu my leshtal, agh vel shiu
er yn Eddyr-Voggyl?               
By vie lhiam cur post lectraneagh dy   
Cha nel, cha nel shin er yn Eddyr-
Oddagh shin goll dys y lioarlagh.
Oddagh oo cur post lectraneagh
voish shen.
My vees shen rouyr boirey..
Cha bee, bee eh mie dy liooar.
Fodmayd goll lurg tammylt.
Nee’m çheet neesht.
Shegin dou geddyn lioaryn ass y

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 13.1.2

Ec y lioarlagh, ta Kirree geeck
dy ymmydey co-earrooder.
Quoid traa ta shiu laccal?  Oor?

Oh, foddey ny sloo na shen.
Vel shen argid dy liooar?
Ta, gura mie eu.
Ta ny co-earrooderyn ayns shoh.
Ta Kirree soie sheese
dy chur y çhaghteraght eck.
Ta treisht aym dy vel
yn enmys kiart aym.
Cha nel fys erbee aym
er y stoo shoh.
Bee eh mie dy liooar my vee’m
Ta shoh keoie, agh ta co-
earrooderyn cur orrym dy ve faitagh!
Cha mie lhiam sleih jeeaghyn orrym.
Nagh gummey.S’mie lhiam jeeaghyn
er ny lioaryn.
Ta Juan as Ealee jeeaghyn er
lioaryn.  Ymmodee lioaryn.
T’ee ceau ram traa
cur y çhaghteraght shen.
Shen yn aght lesh co-earrooderyn.
Agh cha noddym credjal dy vel ish
faitagh ec traa erbee!
Fy-yerrey hoal, ta Kirree jeant.
Cha row mee cliaghtit rish y co-
S’treih lhiam dy voirey erriu,
agh noddagh shin goll dys banc?
Nar lhig eh Jee!

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