Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh

The American Inheritance

The American Inheritance part three

The American Inheritance 3.1.1

Ealee, Juan and Kirree go for a walk
in Douglas.

Juan: It’s better to walk - the town’s
jammed with cars!
Kirree: Where are the shops?
Ealee: There are some shops nearby,
but most of them are in Strand
Street, near the promenade.

They walk down towards the sea.

Kirree: There are quite a few churches,
aren’t there?
Juan: Yes, and some of the old ones
were knocked down.
Kirree: That’s a fine old theatre.
Juan: Yes, it was restored.
Kirree: Are there many cinemas?
Ealee: There are two.
We don’t go very often.
Kirree: It’s a wonderful bay.
Ealee: Would you like to walk
on the promenade?
Kirree: Yes - let’s go!

Kirree likes walking
on Douglas promenade.
She likes the sea and the fresh air.

The American Inheritance 3.1.2

Ealee and Juan go back to
their house with Kirree.
Kirree liked the dogs on the beach.

Kirree: I’d like to get a dog.
But my apartment’s too small.
Ealee: We had a dog, but she died
a year ago.
Juan: That upset us. It’s awful
when pets die.
Ealee: We intend to get a cat.
Juan: Do we? I prefer dogs...
Kirree: Don’t argue now!
Let’s talk about my inheritance.
Ealee: What inheritance?
Kirree: That farm.

The American Inheritance 3.1.3

Ealee and Juan are whispering to
each other in the kitchen.
Kirree is watching television
in another room.

Ealee: Why did you say
you prefer dogs?
Juan: It’s true - I prefer dogs.
Ealee: But it looked as though
we were about to argue.
Juan: Yes, I’m sorry.
Ealee: Don’t you think Kirree’s
a bit presumptuous about
this farm?
Juan: Maybe she isn’t.
Ealee: But we don’t know
if the farm exists or not.
Anyway, what is she
doing in the Isle of Man?
Juan: You know very well.
She’s a cousin of mine
and she’s looking for other relatives.
Ealee: And a farm.

Ealee and Juan go to watch
television with Kirree.
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 3.1.1

Ta Ealee, Juan as Kirree goll shooyl
ayns Doolish.

Share shooyl - ta’n balley
jingit lesh gleashtanyn!
C’raad ta ny shappyn?
Ta kuse dy happyn faggys dys shoh,
agh ta’n chooid smoo jeu ayns
Straid ny Traie, faggys da’n

T’ad shooyl sheese lesh y cheayn.

Ta kialteenyn dy liooar ayn,
nagh vel?
Ta, as va paart jeusyn shenn
lhieggit sheese.
Shen shenn thie-cloie braew.
She, v’eh jeant ass y noa.
Vel monney thieyn-fillym ayn?
Ta jees ayn.
Cha nel shin goll feer vennick.
She baie yindyssagh t’ayn.
By vie lhiat shooyl
er yn çhooylaghan?
By vie lhiam - hooin roin!

S’mie lesh Kirree shooyl
er shooylaghan Ghoolish.
S’mie lhee y keayn as yn aer oor.

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 3.1.2

Ta Ealee as Juan goll erash gys
y thie oc marish Kirree.
Va Kirree jannoo mooar jeh ny
moddee er y traie.

By vie lhiam geddyn moddey.
Agh ta’n cummal-rea aym ro veg.
Va moddey ain, agh hooar ee baase
blein er dy henney.
Hug shen yn olk orrin. T’eh agglagh
tra ta bigginyn geddyn baase.
Ta shin kiarail geddyn kayt.
Vel? Share lhiams moddee...
Ny jean-shiu arganey nish!
Lhig dooin taggloo mychione yn eiraght aym.
Cre’n eiraght?
Y gowaltys shen.

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 3.1.

Ta Ealee as Juan sansheraght
rish y cheilley sy çhamyr-aarlee.
Ta Kirree jeeaghyn er y çhellveeish
ayns shamyr elley.

Cre’n fa ren oo gra
dy nhare lhiat moddee?
S’feer eh - share lhiam moddee.
Agh v’eh jeeaghyn myr dy beagh
shin er-çhee arganey.
She, s’treih lhiam.
Nagh vel oo smooinaghtyn dy vel
Kirree beggan daaney mychione y
gowaltys shoh?
Foddee nagh vel.
Agh cha nel fys ain
vel y gowaltys ayn ny dyn.
Ansherbee, c’red t’ee
jannoo ayns Mannin?
Ta fys mie ayd.
T’ee ny ben-vooinjerey dou
as t’ee shirrey son sleih-mooinjerey elley.
As gowaltys.

Ta Ealee as Juan goll dy yeeaghyn
er y çhellveeish marish Kirree.

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