Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Yn Eiraght Americaanagh

The American Inheritance

The American Inheritance part twelve

The American Inheritance 12.1.1   

Kirree tells more to Ealee       
and Juan.   

Kirree: A woman who looks like me -   
she approached the secretary   
of the Manx Society      
ayns Cleveland.   
Ealee: Is there a Manx society there?                       
Kirree: Sure. Anyway, it appears this     
woman was sneaking      
She found out a lot about me.   
Juan: Is this to do with the passport?   
Kirree: I think so.   
Inspector Jones thinks             
she found out about the    
farm I’m looking for.   
It was intended that she would come   
here on a false passport,   
impersonating me.   
Ealee: But why?   
Kirree: They don’t know exactly.   
The police are questioning her.   
Maybe some group is    
trying to get a farm    
as a crime base.     
Juan: You must be pleased     
they got her.  
Kirree: Yes, indeed.   
Ealee: Now, what about the     
Records Office?

The American Inheritance 12.1.2   

Although Juan thinks    
Kirree should have a rest,    
they go to the Records Office. 

Official: I’ve got good news for you.   
I’m almost sure I’ve 
found the farm    
your relatives owned.    
Kirree: Wonderful!    
Where is it and what is it called?   
Official: Ballabuggane, in Ballaugh.       
This makes Ealee and Juan laugh.   

Ealee: Ballabuggane?  That’s funny!   
Kirree: The people there now,     
do they own the farm?     
Official: This isn’t part of my job,
but I think they rent it.    
Kirree:  Very good.                    
How can I find out    
who owns the farm legally?    
Official: Maybe that will be difficult.    
Do you want to go on with this?   
Kirree:  Yes, without a doubt.    
Ealee:  Are you absolutely certain?    
It could cost a lot of money.    
Kirree:  My mind’s set on it.    

Kirree thanks the official    
and Ealee, Juan and Kirree    
leave the building.

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 12.1.1

Ta Kirree ginsh tooilley da Ealee
as Juan.   

Ben ta jeeaghyn goll rhym pene,
haink ee gys scrudeyr
yn Çheshaght Vanninagh
ayns Cleveland.

Vel sheshaght Vanninagh ayns shen?
Son shickyrys.  Ansherbee, t’eh
jeeaghyn dy row y ven shoh
sleetçhal mygeayrt.
Hooar ee magh ram my-my-chione.
Vel shoh bentyn rish y kied-troailt?
Er lhiam dy vel.
Ta’n Scruteyr Jones smooinaghtyn
dy dooar ee magh mychione y
gowaltys ta mee shirrey.
V’eh kiarit dy jinnagh ee çheet
dys shoh lesh kied-troailt foalsey,
jannoo arrish orrym.
Agh cre’n fa?
Cha nel fys kiart oc.
Ta ny meoiryn-shee feyshtey ee.
Foddee dy vel possan ennagh
prowal geddyn gowaltys
myr ynnyd-loght.
Gyn ourys, t’ou jeant bwooiagh
dy vel ee goit oc.
Ta, dy jarroo.
Nish, cre mysh
Oik ny Recortyssyn?

Yn Eiraght Americaanagh 12.1.2

Ga dy vel Juan smooinaghtyn
dy lhisagh Kirree goaill fea,
t’ad goll gys Oik ny Recortyssyn.   

Ta naight mie aym diu.
Ta mee bunnys shickyr dy vel mee er
ngeddyn y gowaltys
va lesh y sleih-mooinjerey ayd
C’raad t’eh as cre’n ennym t’er?
Ballabuggane, ayns Balley ny
Ta shoh cur er Ealee as Juan
Ballabuggane?  Shen aitt!
Y sleih t’ayns shen nish,
vel y gowaltys lhieu?
Cha nel shoh ayrn jeh my chiartey,
agh er lhiam dy vel eh oc er mayl.   
Feer vie.
Cre’n aght foddym feddyn magh
quoi s’lesh y gowaltys rere yn leigh?
Foddee dy bee shen doillee.
Vel shiu laccal goll er lesh shoh?
Ta, gyn ourys.
Vel oo lane shickyr?
Oddagh eh costal ram argid.
Ta’n aigney aym soit er.

Ta Kirree cur bwooise da’n fer-oik
as ta Ealee, Juan as Kirree
faagail y troggal.

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