Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Hoght as Feed: cha (negative)


cha dooyrt mee
cha naik mee
cha ren mee
cha dug mee

Cha dooar mee
Cha geayll mee
Cha dooyrt mee shen
Cha ren mee shen
Cha dooar mee shen
Cha naik mee shen
Cha dug mee shen
Cha geayll mee shen

Cha ren eh yn lessoon shen .
Cheayll jishag uss as Kirree loayrt
Hooar ny paitchyn key-riojey
Cha naik peiagh erbee yn meoir-shee çheet
Cha dug mee agh tree skilleeyn
Cha dooyrt Thomaase yn lessoon shen

'sy halley
dty phoagey
my phoib
ayns shen

ORREE Cha naik peiagh erbee my phoib?
EALISH Nagh vel eh ayns dty phoagey?
ORREE Cha nel, dy jarroo.
JUAN Honnick mish eh. V'eh er yn voayrd 'sy halley
ORREE Guilley mie Vel eh ayns shen nish?
JUAN V'eh er yn voayrd foast.
Shoh eh.
ORREE Yindyssagh! Gura mie ayd.
not (negative)

I didn't say
I didn't see
I didn't do
I didn't give

I didn't get
I didn't hear
I didn't say that.
I didn't do that.
I didn't get that.
I didn't see that.
I didn't give that.
I didn't hear that.

He didn't do that lesson
Daddy heard you and Kirree speaking.
The children got ice-cream.
Nobody saw the policeman coming.
I only gave three shillings.
Thomaase didn't say that lesson.

in the hall
your (one person)
your pocket
my pipe
I (emphatic)

No one saw my pipe?
Isn't it in your pocket?
No, indeed.
I saw it. It was on the table in the hall.
Good boy' Is it there now?
It was still on the table.
Here it is.
Wonderful! Thank you.

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