Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Hoght: erbee - at all, any


peiagh erbee
red erbee
'sy varroose
'sy traen
'sy ghleashtan
'sy stashoon
'sy vaatey
'sy chishtey

Vel red erbee 'sy varroose?
Vel red erbee 'sy ghleashtan?
Vel red erbee 'sy vaatey?
Vel red erbee 'sy traen?
Vel red erbee 'sy stashoon?
Vel red erbee 'sy chishtey?
Vel peiagh erbee 'sy stashoon nish?
Ta dooinney 'sy ghleashtan
Cha nel peiagh erbee 'sy varroose
Vel red erbee 'sy chishtey?
Cha nel red erbee 'sy ghleashtan
Ta Juan 'sy thie


MOIRREY Oh, jeeagh, ta’n traen 'sy stashoon.
JUAN         Oh, ta, agh c'raad ta jishag?
MOIRREY Jeeagh, shen eh!
ORREE       Laa mie, phaitchyn.
                    C'raad ta Mummig as yn gleashtan
JUAN          Jeeagh, t’ee ayns shen, 'sy stashoon.
ORREE       Oh, ta; mie dy liooar.
at all, any

a person
a thing
in the bus
in the train
in the car
in the station
in the boat
in the box

Is there anything in the bus?
Is there anything in the car?
Is there anything in the boat?
Is there anything in the train?
Is there anything in the station?
Is there anything in the box?
Is anyone in the station now?
There's a man in the car.
There's no one in the bus.
Is there anything in the box?
There's nothing in the car.
Juan is in the house.

children (said when addressing them)

Oh, look, the train's in the station.
Oh, yes, but where's daddy?
Look, there he is!
C’raad ta mummig as yn gleashtan?
Good-day, children. Where's mummy and the car?
Look, she's there, in the station.
Oh, yes; all right. (good enough)
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