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Hoght-Jeig: ayns - in

row eh?
row ad?
ayns barroose
ayns lhong
ayns traen.
ayns etlan
ayns baatey
ayns gleashtan

Row eh rieau ayns barroose?
Row eh rieau ayns traen?
Row eh rieau ayns baatey?
Row eh rieau ayns gleashtan?
Row eh rieau ayns lhong?
Row eh rieau ayns etlan?

Row ad ayns barroose er yn raad?
Va’n saggyrt ayns gleashtan
Cha row ny h-inneenyn shen rieau (ayns traen)
Row ny paitçhyn ec yn chabbal?
V'ad ec yn schoill, s'cosoylagh?
Row uss (r'ou) daunsin riyr?

son shickyrys
er y fa
cubbyl dy 'leih elley
shoh yn arran
gura mie ayd

JUAN Shoh yn arran, vummig .
EALISH Gura mie ayd. Row Kirree sy çhapp?
JUAN Va, son shickyrys.
EALISH Row peiagh erbee elley ayn?
JUAN Va Moirrey gobbraghey sy çhapp neesht,
as va cubbyl dy 'leih elley ayn
EALISH Vel Kirree dy mie reesht?
JUAN Ta, s'cosoylagh, er y fa dy row ee gobbraghey.
was he, it?
were they?
in a bus
in a ship
in a train
in an aeroplane
in a boat
in a car
ever, never
last night

Was he ever in a bus?
Was he ever in a train?
Was he ever in a boat?
Was he ever in a car?
Was he ever in a ship?
Was he ever in a plane?

Were they in a bus on the road?
The priest was in a car.
Those girls were never in a train.
Were the children at the chapel?
They were at school, probably?
Were you dancing last night?

surely, certainly
a couple
a couple of others (people)
here's the bread
thank you (said to a child or friend)

Here's the bread, mummy
Thanks. Was Kirree in the shop?
Yes, certainly.
Was there anyone else there?
Moirrey was working in the shop also,
and there were a couple of others there.
Is Kirree well again?
Yes, probably, because she was working.
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