Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Jeih as Feed - er e hon (for)

quoid hug oo er-e-hon?
hug mee shiaght pingyn er-e-hon

shiaght pingyn
hoght pingyn
nuy pingyn
jeih pingyn
un phing jeig
ghaa phing yeig

Hug ee shiaght punt er-e-hon.
Hug ee hoght punt er-e-hon
Hug ee nuy punt er-e-hon
Hug ee jeih punt er-e-hon
Hug ee phunt jeig er-e-hon
Hug ee ghaa phunt yeig er-e-hon

Hooar yn dooinney jeih punt son yn daawheeyl
Cha dug mee agh shiaght punt er-e-hon
Cha dooar ad agh nuy punt
C'raad hooar ny paitchyn ny jeih pingyn?
Dooyrt ee dy ren eh costal ghaa phunt yeig
Hooar mee hoght skilleeyn 'sy phoagey shen

dy jarroo
cooat souree

EALISH Hooar Maureen cooat noa.
KIRREE Dooar? Quoid ren eh costal?
EALISH Jeih punt, er-lhiam. V'eh neu-gheyr dy liooar.
KIRREE Va, dy jarroo.
Ren yn cooat shoh costal ghaa phunt yeig
EALISH Honnick mee eh jea. T'eh feer jesh.
KIRREE Cre’n daah t'eh?
EALISH Bane. She cooat souree t’ayn.
for it, for him
how much did you give for it?
I gave sixpence for it.

seven pence
nine pence
ten pence
eleven pence
twelve pence

She gave £7 for it.
She gave £8 for it.
She gave £9 for it.
She gave £10 for it.
She gave £11 for it.
She gave £12 for it.

The man got £10 for the bicycle.
I only gave £7 for it.
They only got £9
Where did the children get the ten pence?
She said that it cost £12.
I found eight shillings in that pocket.

I think
a coat
a summer coat

Maureen has got a new coat.
Did she? How much did it cost?
Ten pounds, I think, It was cheap enough.
Yes, indeed.
This coat cost twelve pounds.
I saw it yesterday. It's very nice.
What colour is it?
White. It's a summer coat.

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