Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Kiare as Feed: cha - not + past


cha jagh eh       
cha hooill eh   
cha daink eh       
cha lheim eh   
cha roie eh       
cha huitt eh   
Cha jagh eh magh   

Cha daink eh magh   
Cha roie eh magh   
Cha hooill eh magh   
Cha lheim eh magh   
Cha huitt eh magh   
Cha jagh eh stiagh noadyr   
Cha daink eh dys y scoill jiu
Cha roie Juan dys yn çhapp   
Cha hooill eh dy valley

Cha lheim yn moddey stiagh 'syn ushtey glen.

Cha huitt yn guilley er yn raad

t’eh er jeet       
cha nel eh er jeet   
vel eh er jeet?       
nagh vel eh er jeet?   

hie eh       
dy moghey   
dy lhie       

ORREE     Nagh vel Juan er jeet dy valley foast?   
EALISH    Ta, agh hie eh dy lhie.               
ORREE     Vel eh çhing?                   
EALISH    Cha nel, dy jarroo, agh v'eh skee       
ORREE     As c'raad ta Moirrey?               
EALISH    Hie ish dy lhie neesht.               
ORREE     Hie ad ooilley dy lhie dy moghey noght
not (negative)
he didn't go
he didn't walk
he didn't come
he didn't jump
he didn't run
he didn't fall
he didn't go out.

he didn't come out.
he didn't run out.
he didn't walk out.
he didn't jump out.
he didn't fall out.
he didn't go in either.
he didn't come to school today.
Juan didn't run to the shop.
he didn't walk home.

The dog didn't jump into the clean water.

The boy didn't fall on the road.

he has come
he hasn't come
has he come?
hasn't he come?

he went
to lie, to bed
ill, sick

Hasn’t Juan come home yet?
Yes, but he went to bed.
Is he sick?
No, indeed, but he was tired.
And where is Moirrey?
She went to bed too.
They all went to bed early tonight.
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