Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Lessoon Daa-yeig as Daeed

ta fys aym
ta mee sheiltyn
cha nel mee sheiltyn

dy vel N
nagh vel N
dy row N
nagh row N

Foddee dy row ad ayns shoh
Foddee dy row ad ayns shen
Foddee dy row ad sthie
Foddee dy row ad çheu-mooie
Foddee dy row ad heose
Foddee dy row ad heese

Ta fys aym dy row fer ayns shoh
Ta fys aym nagh vel peiagh erbee ayn
Ta mee sheiltyn dy vel ny paitchyn çheet
Cha nel mee sheiltyn dy row jishag sthie
Foddee nagh vel eh ersooyl foast

v'ee son goll
thie e naunt
laa ennagh
ass balley

KIRREE Cha naik mee Breeshey ec yn daunse riyr.
EALISH Nagh row ish ayn ? Foddee dy row ee çhing.
KIRREE Cha nel mee sheiltyn dy vel;
ta mee sheiltyn dy vel ee ass balley
EALISH C’raad ?
KIRREE Ayns Divlyn, ayns thie e naunt.
KIRREE Ta, v'ee son goll dys shen laa ennagh.
I know
I suppose
I don't suppose

that N is
that N is not
that N was
that N was not

Perhaps they were here.
Perhaps they were there.
Perhaps they were inside.
Perhaps they were outside.
Perhaps they were up (on top).
Perhaps they were down below.

I know there was one here.
I know there's no one here.
I suppose the children are coming.
I don't suppose daddy was in.
Perhaps he's not gone yet.

she was of a mind to go
last night
her aunt's house
some day
out of town
where ?

I didn't see Breeshey at the dance last night.
Wasn't she there ? Perhaps she's ill.
I don't think she is;
I think she's out of town.
Where ?
In Dublin, in her aunt's house.
Is she ?
Yes, she was of a mind to go there some day.
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