Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Lessoon Hoght as Daeed

ass yn çhamyr       
ass yn thie       
ass yn gharey   
ass yn thie-lheihys    
ass yn phairk   
ass yn ard-valley   

t'eh goll   
hie eh   
jagh eh ?   
nagh jagh eh ?   
cha jagh eh   

Hie eh magh ass yn çhamyr       
Hie eh magh ass yn thie       
Hie eh magh ass yn gharey       
Hie eh magh ass yn thie-lheihys   
Hie eh magh ass yn phairk       
Hie eh magh ass yn ard-valley       

Nagh jagh eh dy-valley veih'n thie-lheihys ?   
Cha jagh peiagh erbee magh ass yn çhamyr shoh   
T'eh goll magh ass yn voayl shoh.   
Jagh peiagh erbee stiagh 'sy traen ?   
Roie yn cabbyl magh ass yn phairk minnid ny ghaa er dy henney

c'red ?   
yn uinnag     
cre'n obbyr ?       
ass my raad   
c'red t’ou jannoo ?
glenney vrisht   
cur ersooyl   

ORREE   Immee ass my raad, ta mee g'obbraghey.   
JUAN      C'red t'ou jannoo ?   
ORREE   Ta’n uinnag shoh brisht.
                Shegin dou cur glenney  noa aynjee
JOAN     Noddym tannaghtyn ayns shoh mayrt, my saillt ?
ORREE   Mie dy-liooar. Agh shegin dhyt obbraghey.   
JUAN      By vie lhiam shen. Cre'n obbyr ?   
ORREE   Cur ersooyl ooilley yn ghlenney vrisht.
out of
out of the room
out of the house
out of the garden
out of the hospital
out of the park
out of the city

he is going
he went
did he go ?
didn't he go ?
he didn't go.

He went out of the room.
He went out of the house.
He went out of the garden.
He went out of the hospital.
He went out of the park.
He went out of the city.

Didn't he go home from the hospital ?
No one went out of this room.
He is going out of this place.
Did anyone get into the train ?
The horse ran out of the park a minute or so ago.

what ?
the window
what work ?
out of my way   
what are you doing?
broken glass
put away

Get out of my way, I'm working.
What are you doing
This window is broken.
I have to put new glass in it.
Can I stay here with you, please ?
All right. But you'll have to work.
I'd like that. What work ?
Put away all the broken glass.
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