Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Lessoon Hoght-Jeig as Daeed


ta mee fakin
cha nel mee fakin
honnick mee
naik oo ?
nagh vaik oo ?
cha naik mee

Nagh vaik oo shin ayns shoh ?
Nagh vaik oo shin ayns shen ?
Nagh vaik oo shin mooie ?
Nagh vaik oo shin sthie ?
Nagh vaik oo shin heose ?
Nagh vaik oo shin heese ?

Ta mee fakin ad ayns shoh nish
Cha nel mee fakin oo ro vennick nish
Honnick ny paitçhyn oo ayns shen jea
Naik oo ish ayns shoh ?
Cha naik mee shiu
Honnick shiu ad foddey er-dy-henney

ta treisht aym
dy vaik N
nagh vaik N
paitçhyn beggey
yn billey
er y villey
nagh insh da

MOIRREY Naik oo mee hene as Juan
heose er yn villey 'sy gharey, vummig
EALISH Honnick mee shiu, dy-jarroo.
Ta treisht aym nagh vaik jishag shiu!
MOIRREY Cre'n fa, vummig ?
EALISH Er y fa nagh mie lesh paitchyn
beggey y gholl seose er yn villey shen.
MOIRREY Cha nel mee smooinaghtyn dy naik
eh shin, aghterbee.
EALISH S'mie shen.
Agh cha mie lhiam shiu y gholl seose er yn
villey, edyr.
MOIRREY Ta jishag çheet nish. Nagh insh da.

he, him, it
she, her, it
we, us
they, them

I see
I don't see
I saw
Did you see ?
Didn't you see
I didn't see

Didn’t you see us here ?
Didn't you see us there ?
Didn't you see us outside ?
Didn't you see us inside ?
Didn't you see us up above ?
Didn't you see us down below ?

I see them here now.
I don't see you too often now.
The children saw you there yesterday.
Did you see her here ?
I didn't see you.
You saw them a long time ago.

I hope
that N saw
that N didn't see
little children
the tree
on the tree
either, neither
don't tell him

Did you see myself and Juan
up on the tree in the garden, mummy ?
I saw you, indeed.
I hope daddy didn't see you.
Why, mummy ?
Because he doesn't like little children
going up on that tree.
I don't think he saw us anyway.

That's good.
But I don't like you going up on that tree either.

Daddy's coming now. Don't tell him.

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