Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Lessoon Kiare ad Daeed

dys yn scoill               
dys yn chabbal               
dys yn valley               
dys yn thie           
dys yn stashoon
dys yn çhapp
dys yn cheeill

jagh ad ?                   
nagh jagh ad ?           
hie ad
cha jagh ad

Nagh jagh ad dys yn scoill? Hie.   
Nagh jagh ad dys yn chabbal? Hie.   
Nagh jagh ad dys yn valley? Hie.   
Nagh jagh ad dys yn thie? Hie.   
Nagh jagh ad dys yn stashoon? Hie.   
Nagh Jagh ad dys yn çhapp? Hie.   

Hie ny paitchyn dys yn chabbal   
Jagh peiagh erbee dys yn çhapp?   
Cha jagh yn meoir-shee dys yn thie   
T'ad goll dys scoill nish       
Honnick mee ad goll dys yn cheeill   

ta mee toiggal   
kishtey mooar   

ORREE    By vie lhiat cheet dys yn valley, Yuan ?   
JUAN       By vie lhiam, dy-jarroo. Cuin ?   
ORREE    Nish. Ta mee goll dys yn stashoon.   
JUAN      Quoi ta çheet er yn traen ?   
ORREE   Cha nel peiagh erbee çheet.   
JUAN      Cre'n fa t'ou goll dys shen eisht ?   
ORREE    Ta kishtey mooar ayns shen dou,
                 as by vie lhiam geddyn eh.
JUAN      Oh, ta mee toiggal.
                By vie lhiam goll mayrt
to the school
to the chapel
to the town
to the house
to the station
to the shop
to the church

did they go?
didn't they go ?
they went
they didn't go

Didn't they go to the school? Yes.
Didn't they go to the chapel? Yes.
Didn't they go to the town? Yes.
Didn't they go to the house? Yes.
Didn't they go to the station? Yes.
Didn't they go to the shop? Yes.

The children went to the chapel.
Did anyone go to the shop?
The policeman did not go to the shop.
They are going to school now.
I saw them going to church.

I understand
a box
a big box

Would you like to come to the town, Juan ?
I would indeed. When ?
Now. I'm going to the station.
Who's  coming on the train ?
No one's  coming.
Why are you going there, then ?
There's a big box there for me,
and I'd like to get it.   
Oh, I understand.
I'd like to go with you.
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