Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Lessoon Nane as Daeed

va X ec Juan
va X ec yn dooinney
va X echey
va X oc
row X ayd ?


Va braar echey
Va shuyr echey
Va naim echey
Va naunt echey
Va mac echey
Va inneen echey

Nagh vel braar ayd ?
Cha row mac echey
Ta un shuyr echey, ansherbee
Vel braar ec Thomaase ?
Nagh vel mac ec dty vraar nish ?
Va inneen oc

cha nel enney aym er
laaghyn seyrey
nagh nee ?
traa ennagh elley
cre woish t'eh ?

ORREE Quoi yn dooinney shen marish Tobm ?
KIRREE E naim, er-lhiam, nagh nee?
ORREE Cha s'aym, cha nel enney aym er
KIRREE Shen eh, dy-jarroo.
Honnick mee eh ayns shoh traa ennagh elley.
ORREE Cha naik mish rieau eh. Cre woish t'eh ?
KIRREE Divlyn, er-lhiam.
T'eh er e laaghyn seyrey, s’cosoylagh.
ORREE Oh, ta mee toiggal.
Juan had X
the man had X
he had X
they had X
did you have X ?

a brother
a sister
an uncle
an aunt
a son
a daughter

He had a brother.
He had a sister.
He had an uncle.
He had an aunt
He had a son.
He had a daughter.

Haven't you a brother ?
He hadn't a son.
He has one sister, anyway
Has Thomaase a brother ?
Hasn't your brother a son now ?
They had a daughter.

ever, never
I think
I don't know him
isn't it ?
some other time.
where is he from?

Who's that man with Tobm ?
His uncle, I think, isn't it ?
I don't know, I don't know him.
That's him, indeed.
I saw him here some other time.
I never saw- him (before).Where's he from ?
Dublin, I think.
He's on holidays, I think
Oh, I understand.
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