Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Lessoon Nuy as Daeed

abbyr rish Juan
abbyr rish yn dooinney
dty ayr
dty voir
yn fer-shapp
yn inneen-shapp
yn fer-bainney
yn fer-post

abbyr rish
abbyr ree!
v'eh gra rish ...
dooyrt eh rish ...
nagh dooyrt eh rish ...?
dooyrt eh rish ...?
cha dooyrt eh rish ...

Abbyr rish dty ayr eh y yannoo
Abbyr rish dty vummig eh y yannoo
Abbyr rish yn fer-shapp eh y yannoo
Abbyr rish yn inneen-shapp eh y yannoo
Abbyr rish yn fer-bainney eh y yannoo
Abbyr rish y fer-post eh y yannoo

Dooyrt mee rish dty ayr dy heet stiagh
Dooyrt oo rish mummig dy yannoo eh nish ?
Cha dooyrt peiagh erbee rhym gyn ee eh
Abbyr rish ny paitchyn dy hannaghtyn mooie
Dooyrt jishag rhym dy gheddyn eh
Abbyr rish Moirrey dy yannoo e lessoonyn

Cha nel ee er jeet
c'red ren ee ?
roie magh!
s’mie shen

EALISH Dooyrt oo rish Moirrey dy yannoo e lessoonyn ?
JUAN Dooyrt, agh cha nel ee er jeet stiagh foast.
EALISH As c'red ren ee ?
JUAN Hie ee magh ass yn gharey.
EALISH Roie magh reesht as abbyr ree ad y yannoo.
JUAN Oh, t'ee ayns shen nish. T'ee çheet stiagh.
EALISH S'mie shen.
tell Juan
tell the man
your father
your mother
the shopkeeper
the shop girl
the milkmen
the postman

say to! Say / say to him
say to her!
he was saying to ... (he was telling ...)
he said to ... (he told ...)
didn't he say to ...? (didn't he tell ...?)
did he say to…? (did he tell ... ?)
he didn't say to ... (he didn't tell ... )

Tell your father to do it.
Tell your mother to do it.
Tell the shopkeeper to do it.
Tell the shopgirl to do it.
Tell the milkman to do it.
Tell the postman to do it.

I told your father to come in.
Did you tell mummy to do it now ?
No one told me not to eat it.
Tell the children to stay out.
Daddy told me to get it.
Tell Moirrey to do her lessons.

she hasn't come
what did she do ?
run out!
that's good

Did you tell Moirrey to do her lessons ?
Yes, but she hasn't come in yet.
And what did she do ?
She went out of the garden.
Run out again and tell her to do them.
Oh, she's there now. She's coming in.
That's good.
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