Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Lessoon Nuy-jeig as Daeed

cheau eh fliaghey
t'eh ceau fliaghey
cheau eh sniaghtey
t'eh ceau sniaghtey
va rio ayn
ta rio ayn
T'eh ceau fliaghey noght

Cha nel eh ceau fliaghey noght
T'eh ceau sniaghtey noght
Cha nel eh ceau sniaghtey noght
Ta rio ayn noght
Cha nel rio ayn noght
Va rio ayn riyr
Cha cheau eh sniaghtey jiu
Cheau eh fliaghey jea ?
Vel eh ceau fliaghey nish ?
Cha nel rio erbee ayn nish
V'eh ceau sniaghtey dy-jarroo

fastyr jea
yn eaddagh
moghrey jiu

EALISH Ta'n niaghan shoh jeans aym nish,
bwooise da Jee.
MOIRREY Ny cur magh yn eaddagh foast,
EALISH Cre'n fa nagh, veen ?
MOIRREY T'eh ro 'liugh. T'eh ceau fliaghey nish.
EALISH Nagh abbyr dy vel eh ceau fliaghey
V'eh ceau fliaghey fastyr jea neesht.
MOIRREY As v'eh aalin moghrey jiu.
EALISH Va, agh va rio ayn riyr. Cha nel shen
it rained
it is raining
it snowed
it is snowing
there was frost; it was icy
it is freezing: it is frosty/icy
it's raining tonight.

It's not raining tonight.
It's snowing tonight.
It's not snowing tonight.
It's frosty tonight.
It's not frosty tonight.
It was frosty last night.
It didn't snow today.
Did it rain yesterday ?
Is it raining now ?
It's not frosty at all now.
It was snowing indeed.

yesterday evening
the clothes
this morning
dear (form of address)

I've done this washing now, thank God.

Don't put the clothes out yet, mummy.

Why not, dear ?
It's too wet. It's raining now.
Don't say it's raining again!

It was raining yesterday afternoon as well.
And it was beautiful this morning.
Yes, but it was frosty last night. That ‘s not good.

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