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Lessoon Nuy-Jeig as Feed

hug eh jeh
cheau eh jeh
e vraagyn
e pherree
e oashyryn
e chooat mooar
e edd
e skerrin

Hug eh jeh e vraagyn
Hug eh jeh e oashyryn
Hug eh jeh e edd
Hug eh jeh e chooat mooar
Hug eh jeh e pherree
Hug eh jeh e skerrin
Nagh dug yn dooinney jeh e edd ?
Cheau Juan jeh e vayrn eisht

Cha dug peiagh erbee jeh e chooat mooar
Hug gagh ooilley ghooinney jeh e edd
Cheau yn saggyrt jeh e chooat mooar as e skerrin
Hug eh jeh un vraag as hug eh er fer elley

s'mie shen
cur jeed
cre mysh ?
ec yn aile

EALISH Hello, Orree. T'ou fliugh baiht.
ORREE Ta. Ta ny braagyn shoh fliugh, ansherbee.

EALISH Cur jeed ad.
As cur jeed dty oashyryn neesht.
ORREE Ah, ta ny oashyryn kiart dy-liooar.
EALISH Cre mysh dty pherree ?
ORREE Ta shen chirrym. Va cooat mooar orrym.
EALISH S'mie shen. Soie ec yn aile nish.
off, 'off him'
he took off (he 'put off')
he threw off
his shoes
his jacket
his stockings
his overcoat
his hat
his scarf
He took off his shoes.
He took off his stockings.
He took off his hat.
He took off his overcoat.
He took off his jacket.
He took off his scarf.
Didn't the man take off his hat ?
Juan threw off his cap then.

No one took off his overcoat.
Everyone took off his hat.
The priest threw off his overcoat and his scarf.
He took off one shoe and put on another one.

that's good
off you
take off
on me
what about ?
at the fire.

Hello, Orree. You’re soaking.
Yes. These shoes are wet, anyway.
Take them off (you).
And take off your socks too.
Ah, the socks are all right.
What about your jacket ?
That's dry. I had an overcoat on.
That is good. Sit at the fire now.
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