Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Lessoon Shey as Daeed

shegin dou
shegin dhyt
shegin da, jee
shegin da’n dooinney
shegin daue


Shegin dhyt jannoo eh nish
She gin dhyt geddyn eh nish
Shegin dhyt ee eh nish
She gin dhyt iu eh nish
Shegin dhyt lhaih eh nish
Shegin dhyt screeu eh nish

Shegin daue geddyn yn argid
Nhegin dou ve ayn shen ?
Cha nhegin dhyt cheet dys yn stashoon
Shegin dou goll dys yn stashoon
Nagh nhegin da Juan çheet marym, vummig ?
Shegin da cur er e chooat

rish daa vlein
t'eh er ve aym
er dy henney
hie shaghey
dy tappee
dy gerrid

EALISH Shegin dou geddyn cooat noa.
ORREE Cooat noa! Ta'n fer shen feer vie.
EALISH Cha nel, dy-jarroo.
T'eh er ve aym rish daa vlein nish.
ORREE Daa vlein!
Nurree chionnee oo eh, nee ?
EALISH Cha nee: daa vlein er dy henney.
ORREE Hie yn daa vlein shen shaghey dy tappee!
EALISH Nagh jagh ? Shegin dou geddyn fer noa dy gerrid.
I must
you must
he, she must
the man must
they must

read, reading
write, writing

You must do it now.
You must get it now.
You must eat it now.
You must drink it now.
You must read it now.
You must write it now

They must get the money.
Must I be there ?
You mustn't come to the station.
I must go to the station.
Won't Juan have to come with me mummy ?
He must put on his coat.

last year
for two years
I have had it
went by

I must get a new coat.
A new coat! That one's very good.
Indeed it isn't.
I've had it for two years now.
Two years!
Last year you bought it, wasn't it ?
No: two years ago.
That two years went by quickly!
Didn’t it ? I must get a new one soon.
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