Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Lessoon Shiaght-jeig as Daeed

veih’n ven-ynsee
veih Juan
ny fow
t’eh geddyn eh
v'eh geddyn eh
dooar eh ?
nagh dooar eh ?
cha dooar eh
hooar eh

veih'n 'er-lhee
veih'n voandyr
veih'n eirinagh
veih'n teyr
veih’n ghreasee
veih'n talhear

Fow ad veih'n 'er-lhee
Fow ad veih'n voandyr
Fow ad veih'n eirinagh
Fow ad veih'n teyr
Fow ad veih'n ghreasee
Fow ad veih'n talhear

Dooar oo ad veih'n 'er-lhee ?
V'eh geddyn eh veih Juan
Cha dooar peiagh erbee ad veih'n ghreasee.
Hooar mee eh veih'n voandyr
Haink yn skeeal shen veih'n 'er-lhee jea.
Cha dooar mee yn eddagh veih’n talhear.

yarrood mee
nagh vel oo er ngeddyn ?
ny reddyn shen
veih yn çhapp
tammylt er-dy-henney

EALISH Nagh vel oo er ngeddyn ny reddyn
shen veih’n çhapp foast, Voirrey?
MOIRREY Cha nel. Cha dug oo argid dou.
EALISH Yarrood mee! Cha nel brishey aym nish.
Immee magh dys jishag as fow eh veih.
MOIRREY C'raad t'eh ? Vel fys ayd ?
EALISH Er-lhiam dy vel eh mooie 'sy gharey.
MOIRREY Nagh jagh eh sheese yn raad
tammylt er-dy-henney ?
EALISH Jagh? Smooinee mish dy row eh 'sy gharey
from, from him
from the teacher (woman)
from Juan
don't get
he's getting it
he was getting it
did he get ?
didn't he get ?
he didn't get
he got

from the doctor
from the nurse
from the farmer
from the carpenter
from the shoemaker
from the tailor

Get them from the doctor.
Get them from the nurse.
Get them from the farmer.
Get them from the carpenter.
Get them from the shoemaker.
Get them from the tailor.

Did you get them from the doctor ?
He was getting it from Juan.
No one got them from the shoemaker.
I got it from the nurse.
That report came from the doctor yesterday.
I didn't get the clothes from the tailor.

forget, forgetting
I forgot
haven't you got ?
those things
from the shop
a while ago

Haven't you got those things from the shop
yet, Moirrey ?
No. You didn't give me the money.
I forgot! I haven't any change now.
Go out to daddy and get it from him.
Where is he ? Do you know ?
I think he's out in the garden.
Didn't he go down the road a while ago?

Did he ? I thought he was in the garden.
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