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hug eh er
daag eh er
dug eh er?
cheau eh er
e lheiney
e hroosyn
e oashyryn
e chooat
e vraagyn
e vayrn

Hug eh er e lheiney
Hug eh er e oashyryn
Hug eh er e vraagyn .
Hug eh er e hroosyn
Hug eh er e chooat
Hug eh er e vayrn

Daag eh e vayrn er.
Dug Juan er e chooat mooar ?
Cha dug jishag er e lheiney vie.
Cheau eh er e lheiney as e hroosyn
Cheau eh e vraagyn 'sy halley.
Cha daag eh er e vraagyn noa?

quoi s'lesh
cha s'aym
S’lesh Juan eh

EALISH Quoi s'lesh yn cooat shoh ?
MOIRREY S'lesh Juan eh, daag eh er yn voayrd eh.
EALISH As nagh vel cooat er nish ?
MOIRREY Ta, hug eh er e chooat noa.
EALISH As c’raad hie eh?
MOIRREY Cha s'aym; cha dooyrt eh.
EALISH Cha dug eh seose yn cooat shoh, ansherbee.
on him
he put on (him)
he left on (him)
did he put on (him)?
he threw on (him)
his shirt
his trousers
his stockings
his coat
his shoes
his cap

He put on his shirt.
He put on his stockings.
He put on his shoes
He put on his trousers.
He put on his coat
He put on his cap.

He left his cap on.
Did Juan put on his overcoat ?
Daddy didn't put on his good shirt.
He threw on his shirt and trousers.
He threw his shoes in the hall.
He didn't leave on his new shoes ?

with, with him
whose is? who owns?
I don't know
it is Juan's

Whose is this coat?
It's Juan's, he left it on the table.
And hasn't he a coat on now?
Yes, he put on his new coat.
And where did he go ?
I don't know; he didn't say.
He didn't put this coat up, anyway.
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