Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Nane-Jeig as Feed: hie as jagh (goll = to go)

jagh ad?
cha jagh ad
hie ad
sheese dys scoill
magh dys y cheeill

Hie ad seose
Hie ad sheese
Hie ad magh
Hie ad stiagh
Hie ad dys scoill
Hie ad dys y cheeill
Jagh jishag dys y cheeill?

Honnick mee Perick goll dys scoill.
Hie ny guillyn dy-valley ec shey er y chlag
Cha jagh peiagh erbee stiagh.
Jagh yn moddey magh er yn raad ?
Hie ny guillyn sheese yn garey

yn fer-post
queig pingyn jeig
cowrey queig pingyn
shoh jeih pingyn
nuy pingyn dy vrishey

EALISH Vel yn fer-post ersooyl foast ?
KIRREE Cha nel; cha nel eh kiare er y chlag foast.
EALISH Feer vie; tree cowraghyn queig pingyn,
my saillt
KIRREE Queig pingyn jeig, my saillt..
EALISH Shoh feed ping.
KIRREE Queig pingyn dy vrishey.
EALISH Gura mie ayd.
did they go ?
they didn't go
they went
down to school
out to church

They went up.
They went down.
They went out.
They went in.
They went to school.
They went to church.
Did daddy go to church ?

I saw Perick going to school.
The boys went home at six o'clock.
No one went in.
Did the dog go out on the road ?
The boys went down the garden
here is, here a

a postage stamp
the postman
fifteen pence
a five pence stamp
here's ten pence
nine pence change

Has the postman gone yet ?
No; it's not four o'clock yet.
Very good; three five pence stamps, please.

Fifteen pence, please
Here's twenty pence.
Five pence change.
Thank you.
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