Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Queig-Jeig: vel eh? is he?

Vel eh?   
nagh vel eh?   
c’raad t'eh?   

yn skynn       
yn claare   
yn aall       
yn cappan   
yn spein       
yn skaal   

C'raad ta'n skynn?        -
C'raad ta’n aall?   
C’raad ta’n spein?   
C'raad ta'n claare?   
C'raad ta'n cappan?   
C'raad ta'n skaal?   
Vel yn skynn er yn voayrd?   

Nagh vel aall glen 'sy chishtey?   
Ta cappan as skaal sollagh er yn voayrd   
Vel spein 'sy çhugyr?           
Cha nel tey 'sy chappan shen       
Nagh vel bainney 'sy tey shen?

inneen vie   
'sy chappan           
guilley mie       
gow my leshtal

EALISH    Jeeagh, Yuan, ta'n spein 'sy chappan    
JUAN       Oh, ta; gow my leshtal (he removes it)   
EALISH    Guilley mie   
MOIRREY Nagh vel mish mie neesht, vummig?   
EALISH    T'ou yindyssagh. Agh c’raad ta'n skynn shen?
MOIRREY Oh, t’ee er yn voayrd   
EALISH    Ta. Inneen vie, Voirrey.
is he?
isn't he?
where is he?

the knife
the plate
the fork
the cup
the spoon
the saucer

Where is the knife?
Where is the fork?
Where is the spoon?
Where is the plate?
Where is the cup?
Where is the saucer?
Is the knife on the table?

Isn't there a clean fork in the box?
There's a dirty cup and saucer on the table
Is there a spoon in the sugar?
There's no tea in that cup.
Isn't there milk in that tea?   

good girl
in the cup
good boy
beg your pardon

Look, Juan, the spoon's in the cup.
Oh, yes; I beg your pardon.
Good boy.
Aren't I good too, mummy?
You're wonderful. But where's that knife?
Oh, it's on the table. (She puts it on her plate)
Yes. Good girl, Moirrey.
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