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Shiaght as Feed: lessons

yn lessoon
ny lessoonyn
dooyrt yn guilley
honnick yn fer-ynsee
ren yn guilley
hooar yn guilley
hug yn fer-ynsee
deaisht yn fer-ynsee

Dooyrt yn guilley ny lessoonyn
Honnick yn fer-ynsee ny lessoonyn
Ren yn guilley ny lessoonyn
Hug yn fer-ynsee ny lessoonyn
Hooar yn guilley ny lessoonyn

Deaisht yn fer-ynsee rish ny lessoonyn
Ren mummig yn tey ec kiare er y chlag
Cheayll ny guillyn yn fer-ynsee çheet

Hooar mee yn cooat noa shen.
Dooyrt yn saggyrt shen 'sy scoill
Honnick yn meoir-shee Juan er yn daawheeyl
Hug yn fer-ynsee queig pingyn

key riojey
shoh eh
shoh dhyt

JUAN Hooar mee yn pabyr dhyt, yishag.
Shoh eh.
ORREE Cha row uss foddey.
JUAN Roie mee dys yn chapp as er-ash. .
ORREE She guilley feer vie oo.
Hooar oo key riojey?
JUAN Hooar, son shickyrys.
Shoh dhyt ny shey pingyn.

ORREE Kiart dy liooar. Gura mie ayd.
JUAN Nagh abbyr eh.
the lesson
the lessons
the boy said
the teacher saw
the boy did
the boy got
the teacher gave
the teacher listened

The boy said the lessons.
The teacher saw the lessons.
The boy did the lessons.
The teacher gave the lessons.
The boy got the lessons.

The teacher listened to the lessons
Mummy made the tea at four o'clock.
The boys heard the teacher coming.

I got that new coat.
The priest said that in the school.
The policeman saw Juan on the bicycle.
The teacher gave five pence.

for you
here it is
here you are

I got the paper for you, daddy.
Here it is.
You weren't long.
I ran to the shop and back
You're a very good boy.
You got ice-cream?
Yes, certainly'
Here's the sixpence for you.
Right enough. Thanks.
Don't mention it.
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