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Shiaght-Jeig: cha row - was not, were not

cha row   
cha row eh   
cha row ad   

ny meoiryn-shee   
ny guillyn       
ny fir-ynsee   
ny h-inneenyn       
ny reddyn   
ny paitçhyn       
ny reddyn shen

Cha row ny guillyn ayn   
Cha row ny h-inneenyn ayn   
Cha row ny paitchyn ayn       
Cha row ny meoiryn-shee ayn   
Cha row ny fir-ynsee ayn   
Cha row ny reddyn shen ayn   

Va ny guillyn er yn raad   
Cha row ny h-inneenyn 'sy thie   
Va ny paitçhyn 'sy lhiabbee   
Cha row ny meoiryn-shee ec yn thie   
Nagh row ny fir-ynsee 'sy scoill?   
Vel ny reddyn shen 'sy chishtey?   

'sy scoill   
ec yn scoill       
guilley mitchooragh
loayrt rish   

JUAN     Va ny meoiryn-shee 'sy scoill jiu, Yishag.       
ORREE   Cha row ad. Cre'n fa?   
JUAN     Cha nel fys aym, agh v'ad loayrt  rish  ny  fir-ynsee,  as rish guilley
ORREE   Guilley mitçhoragh,  
JUAN     Cha row eh ec yn scoill jea.       
ORREE   Ah, shen eh, cha row eh ec, yn scoill jea.
was not, were not
he wasn't
they weren't

the (plural)
the police
the boys
the teachers
the girls
the things
the children
those things

The boys weren't present. (there)
The girls weren't there.
The children weren't there.
The police weren't there.
The teachers weren't there.
Those things weren't there.

The boys were on the road.
The girls were not in the house.
The children were in the bed.
The police were not at the house.
Weren't the teachers in the school?
Are those things in the box?

with, to
in the school
at (the) school
a mischievous boy
speaking to   
daddy (said when addressing him)

The police were in the school today, daddy.
They weren't' Why?
I don't know, but they were speaking to the teachers, and to a boy.
A mischievous boy, probably.
He wasn't at school yesterday.
Ah, that's it, he wasn't at school yesterday.
He was mischievous.
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