Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Shiaght: 'sy - in the

vel eh?           
cha nel eh   
sy thie   
sy lhiabbee   
sy chamyr       
sy scoill   
sy çhamyr-aarlee   

T'eh 'sy thie       
T'eh 'sy lhiabbee   
T'eh 'sy çhamyr-aarlee   
T'eh 'sy çhamyr   
T'eh 'sy scoill       
Vel jishag 'sy thie?   
Cha nel yn inneen 'sy çhamyr-aarlee nish   
Ta'n guilley mooar 'sy scoill   
Ta mummig 'sy lhiabbee   
Vel yn dooinney roauyr 'sy thie?   
Cha nel yn ven 'sy çhamyr beg   

olk dy liooar   
mie dy liooar       
slane lhiat

JAMYS    Laa mie, Yuan, vel jishag 'sy thie?       
JUAN       Cha nel, t'eh mooie.           
JAMYS    Vel mummig sthie?           
JUAN       Cha nel mummig dy mie.     T'ee 'sy lhiabbee.   
JAMYS    Olk dy liooar. Slane lhiat.   
JUAN       Slane lhiat.
in the
is he, it?
he, it is not
he, it is
in the house   
in the bed
in the room
in the school
in the kitchen

He is in the house
He is in the bed
He is in the kitchen
He is in the room
He is in the school
Is daddy in the house?
The girl is not in the kitchen now
The big boy is in the school
Mummy is in bed
Is the fat man in the house?
The woman is not in the little room

there, in it
bad enough
good enough

Good-day, Juan, is daddy in the house?
No, he's out
Is mummy in?
Mummy isn't well. She's in bed.
Bad enough. Good-bye.
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