Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


Tree-Jeig: nagh vel? isn't?

nagh vel?   
nagh vel eh?       
nagh vel ad?   

er yn traid   
er yn char-laadee   
er yn raad       
er yn traen   
er yn varroose       
er yn etlan   

Nagh vel eh er yn traid?   
Nagh vel eh er yn raad?   
Nagh vel eh er yn varroose?   
Nagh vel eh er yn char-laadee?   
Nagh vel eh er yn traen?   
Nagh vel eh er yn etlan?   
Nagh vel jishag er yn traen?   

Cha nel, t'eh er yn varroose
Nagh vel yn arran er yn voayrd?   
Cha nel, t'eh 'sy chishtey       
Vel ee ec e jinnair?       
T'ee ec e jinnair

gura mie eu   
ta mee fakin eh   
cha nel mee fakin eh       
yn pabyr    

JUAN    Vel yn pabyr ayns shoh, vummig?   
EALISH Nagh vel eh ayns shen er yn voayrd?   
JUAN    Cha nel eh ayns shoh, cha nel mee fakin eh.   
EALISH Jeeagh, t'eh ayns shen, er yn voayrd ec yn  dorrys.
JUAN    Oh, ta, ta mee fakin eh nish. Gura mie eu.
isn't? aren't?
isn't he, it?
aren't they?

on the street   
on the lorry
on the road
on the train
on the bus
on the aeroplane

Isn't he on the street?
Isn't he on the road?
Isn't he on the bus?
Isn't he on the lorry?
Isn't he on the train?
Isn't he on the aeroplane?
Isn't daddy on the train?

No, he's on the bus
Isn't the bread on the table?
No, it’s in the box.
Is she at her dinner?
She is at her dinner.

thank you (said to a parent or elder)
I see it
I do not see it
the paper
Is the paper here, mummy?
Isn't it there on the table?
It's not here, I don't see it.
look, it's there, on the table at the door.
Oh, yes, I see it now. Thanks.
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