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Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley

The Vampire Murders

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Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley - The Vampire Murders

Skeeal straneagh liorish Brian Stowell: Ayrn 20
A serial story by Brian Stowell: Part 20

Kuse jeu ayns ny shappyn, tra v'ad clashtyn y sliennoo, yiarragh ad 'Oh, she' as screeuagh ad sheese 'Morrison' dy follit. Y chied lhiannoo, cha dod Amy caggey noi'n ennym 'Finlo'. Agh v'ee ny stroshey tra va ny h-inneenyn ruggit, as hug ee enmyn 'kiart' orroo: Victoria as Alice. Agh va Askell cliaghtey gra 'Ealish' rish y treeoo lhiannoo ayns ynnyd 'Alice'. 'T'ad nyn Manninee', yinnagh eh gra.

Va Finlo ny ghuilley mettey. Va folt ruy echey as neeal glass. Veih'n toshiaght, cha by haittin lesh 'gammanyn ny guillyn' ny red erbee garroo. Ren Askell e chooid share dy hoiggal shen, agh v'eh boirit. Veagh eh gra: 'Mac ayms, by vie lhiam eh dy ve ny ghuilley firrinagh.'

Kuse jeu..(k'yooss-jow) - Some of them..
..yiarragh ad 'Oh, she'..(YARR-akh-add-OH-SHAY) ..they would say 'Oh, yes'..
..screeuagh ad.. (SKR'YOO-akh-add) - ..they would write..
Remember you can use the verb 'to do' as an auxiliary:
yiarragh ad = yinnagh ad gra = they would say
screeuagh ad = yinnagh ad screeu = they would write
'Yinnagh' means 'would do' or 'would make'.
Y chied lhiannoo..(a-H'YIDD-L'YANN-oo) - The first child..
..cha dod Amy caggey..(ha-DODD-AIM-ee-KAHG-a) - ..Amy couldn't fight..
'Dod' is the simple past, 'could', 'was able'. 'Oddagh' means 'would be able' or 'used to be able'.
..v'ee ny stroshey..(vee-na-STRAWZH-a) - ..she was stronger..
..tra va ny h-inneenyn ruggit..(TRAA-va-na-hinn-EEN-in-RUGG-it) -..when the daughters (girls) were born.. Askell cliaghtey gra 'Ealish' rish y treeoo lhiannoo..(va-ASK-ell-graa-AIL-ish- rish-a-TREE-oo-L'YANN-oo) - ..Askell was accustomed to calling the third child 'Ealish'..('..Askell was accustomed saying 'Ealish' to the third child..')
Va Finlo ny ghuilley mettey. (va-FIN-lo-na-GHILL-ya-METH-a) - Finlo was a delicate boy.('Finlo was in-his (state of being a) delicate boy'.) neeal glass. (azz-NEE-al-GLASS) - ..and a pale complexion.
..cha by haittin lesh.. (ha-ba-HAZH-in-lesh) -..he didn't like..
'gammanyn ny guillyn' (GAMM-an-un-na-GILL-yun) - 'the games of the boys'
..ny red erbee garroo. (na-ridd-er-BEE-GARR-oo) -..or anything rough..
Ren Askell e chooid share..(renn-ASK-ell-a-KHOODJ-SHARE) - Askell did his best.. ('Askell did his best part..')
..dy hoiggal shen..(the-HIGG-al-shen) - understand that..
After 'dy', 't' becomes 'h': 'toiggal' becomes 'hoiggal'.
..agh v'eh boirit. (akh-vay-BURRit) - ..but he was worried.
Veagh eh gra..(VEE-ukh-a-GRAA) - He would be saying..
'Mac ayms, by vie lhiam eh dy ve ny ghuilley firrinagh.' (mack-IMM-uss, ba-VY- l'yamm-ay-the-VAY-na-GHILL-ya-FIRR-in-yakh) - 'A son of mine, I'd like him to be a real (true) boy.' ('A son at-me, would-be good with-me he to-be in-his true boy'.)

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