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Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley

The Vampire Murders

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Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley - The Vampire Murders

Skeeal straneagh liorish Brian Stowell: Ayrn 28
A serial story by Brian Stowell: Part 28

Hie ad stiagh sy halley. 'By vie lhiu soie sheese, Venaishtyr...?' vrie y meoir-shee shinney lesh coraa meeley as arrymagh. 'Ta mish mie dy liooar ayns shoh, Offishear,' dreggyr Amy lesh shickyrys. 'Cre'n naight ta euish?' Ren Shimmin creddal dy cooyrtoil as ren eh gra: 'Vel shiu shickyr, Venainshtyr? Nagh nhare lhiu soie sheese dy chlashtyn y naight shoh...?'

'Son graih Yee, ghooinney!' dooyrt Amy dy barb. 'Insh dou y naight nish, ta mee guee ort!'

Va tostid ayn as eisht dooyrt Shimmin dy moandagh: 'Uh..bentyn rish y dooinney eu..t'eh jeeaghyn dy vel..s'treih lhiam gra dy vel eh marroo.'

Hie ad stiagh sy halley. (HY-add-SCHAKH-sa-HAL-a) - They went into the hall.
Alternative for 'Hie ad': 'Ren ad goll'.
By vie lhiu soie sheese, Venainshtyr..? (ba-VY-l'yoo-SA-ee-SHEESS, ven-INE- shter) - Would you like to sit down, Madam..? ('Would-be good with-you sitting down, Madam..?')
Plural form of 'with-you' shows respect: 'B' to 'V' in 'Benainshtyr'.
..vrie y meoir-shee shinney..(VRY-a-MERR-SHEE-SHINN-ya) - ..asked the older policeman..
Alternatively: ' y meoir-shee shinney briaght..'
..lesh coraa meeley as arrymagh. (lesh-ko-RAA-MEEL-a-azz-ARR-imm-akh) - ..with a soft (and) respectful voice.
..dreggyr Amy lesh shickyrys. (DREGG-er-AIM-ee-lesh-SHIGG-er-iss) - ..replied Amy with certainty.
'dreggyr' comes from 'Freggyr!' ('Answer!'): remove the 'f' and put 'd' in. Alternatively: ' Amy freggyrt lesh shickyrys'.
Cre'n naight ta euish? (krinn-NY-akht-ta-AA-oo-ish) - What news have you got?
Ren Shimmin creddal dy cooyrtoil..(renn-SHIMM-in-KREDD-al-the-koort-OLE) - Shimmin coughed politely.. (kreddal - gentle coughing)
Nagh nhare lhiu soie sheese..? (nakh-N'YAAR-l'yatt-SA-ee-SHEESS) - 'Isn't it better with-you sitting down..?'
Son graih Yee, ghooinney!(son-GRA-ee-YEE-WUNN-ya)-For the love of God, man!
..dooyrt Amy dy barb. (DOORT-AIM-ee-the-BARB) -..said Amy harshly.
..ta mee guee ort! (TAMM-ee-GWEE-ort) - ..I implore you! ('I implore on-you!')
Va tostid ayn..(va-TOST-id-awn) - There was silence (in).
Note that 'Va tostid' does not make sense - you must have 'ayn' on the end to say 'There was silence'. This is a general feature of Manx.
..dooyrt Shimmin dy moandagh..(doort-SHIMM-in-the-MAWN-dakh) - ..Shimmin said 'in a stammering way'..
..bentyn rish y dooinney eu..(BENT-in-rish-a-DUNN-ya-AA-oo) - ..concerning your husband..
..t'eh jeeaghyn dy vel..(tay-JEEKH-un-the-VELL) looks as though..
..s'treih lhiam gra dy vel eh marroo. (STRY-l'yamm-GRAA-the-VELL-a-MARR-oo) - ..I'm sorry to say that he is dead.

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