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Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley

The Vampire Murders

Ayrn Nane-Jeig

Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley - The Vampire Murders

Skeeal straneagh liorish Brian Stowell: Ayrn 11
A serial story by Brian Stowell: Part 11

V'ee er chlashtyn nagh row failley yn chamyr-lhionney ayns shen costal monney. As va reamys-pairkal dy liooar ayn. S'quaagh ny reddyn v'ayn.

Lurg oor ny ghaa ayns stashoon ny meoiryn-shee, va Bnr Quilleash cheet dy ve feer skee. Ny feyshtyn cheddin reesht as reeshtagh. Row ee slane shickyr nagh row enney eck er y dooinney marroo? As quoi va'n ven aeg va marish? Cha row ny meoiryn-shee jeant bwooiagh tra v'ee freggyrt 'Bnr Jones' car y traa.

As c'raad va'n ven aeg nish? Cuin ren ee goll magh ass y thie-goaldee? Mean oie? Jees er y chlag? Tree er y chlag? Cre hon nagh dod ny meoiryn-shee credjal tra dooyrt ee nagh row fys erbee eck. As row sheeanyn erbee ry-chlashtyn veih shamyr ny goaldee gaueagh?

'Cre'n sorch dy heean?' vrie Bnr Quilleash. Y cronneyder va feyshtey ee, yeeagh eh urree as hoilshee eh dy surransagh dy row eh shirrey son fys er sheean erbee va çheet veih'n chamyr. Dreggyr Bnr Quilleash dy row ee ny cadley fud ny h-oie as nagh row ee cliaghtey ve ny speeikear.

V'ee er chlashtyn..(vee-err-KHLASH-chin) - She had heard..
..failley yn chamyr-lhionney..(FAAL-ya-in-CHAAM-er-L'YONN-a) - ..hiring the 'beer- room'..
S'quaagh ny reddyn v'ayn. (SKWAAKH-na-RITH-un-VAWN) - How strange things were. ('It's strange the things (which) were in'.)
Va..cheet dy ve..(va..CHITT-the-VAY) - Was becoming.. ('Was coming to be..')
Ny feyshtyn cheddin reesht as reeshtagh. (na-FAYSH-chin-KHITH-un-REESH-azz- REESH-chakh) - The same questions again and again .
Some words are made emphatic by adding '-agh': 'reeshtagh' - 'AGAIN', 'eishtagh' - 'THEN', 'nishtagh'-'NOW'.
Row ee slane shickyr..? (ROW-ee-sleddn-SHIGG-er) -Was she absolutely certain..?
jeant bwooiagh (jinnt-BWEE-akh) - satisfied ('made glad')
car y traa (KARR-a-TRAA) - all the time
Cre hon nagh dod ny meoiryn-shee credjal..? (kra-HON-nakh-DODD-na-MERR-un- SHEE-KREDJ-al) - Why couldn't the police believe..?
As row sheeanyn erbee ry-chlashtyn..? (azz-row-SHEE-an-un-er-BEE-ra- KHLASH-chin) - And were any sounds to be heard..?
..shamyr ny goaldee gaueagh..(SHAAM-er-na-GAWL-dee-GOW-akh) - .. the room of the dangerous guests..(the dangerous guests' room)
Cre'n sorch dy heean? (krinn-SURCH-the-HEE-an) - What sort of sound?
The 'sh' in 'sheean' becomes 'h' after 'dy' ('of').
..hoilshee eh dy surransagh..(HILE-zhee-a-the-SURR-an-zakh) - ..he explained patiently..
..dy row ee ny cadley.. (the-ROW-ee-na-KADD-la) -..that she was asleep..
..nagh row ee cliaghtey ve ny speeikear. (nakh-ROW-ee-KL'YAKHT-a-vay-na- speek-AYR) - that she wasn't used to being a spy.

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