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Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley

The Vampire Murders

Ayrn Nuy

Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley - The Vampire Murders

Skeeal straneagh liorish Brian Stowell: Ayrn 9
A serial story by Brian Stowell: Part 9

'S'treih lhiam, Mary' dooyrt eh, 'agh shegin dhyt çheet marym dys y stashoon'.

'She Fenella yn ennym orrym' dooyrt ee. 'Cre'n fa shegin dou jannoo shen? Shegin dou jeeaghyn mysh ny goaldee!'

'Bee adsyn mie dy liooar', dooyrt Sidebotham. 'Bee ny guillyn ain feyshtey ad'.

'Agh cha nel fys erbee oc er ny reddyn quaagh ren taghyrt!' Va Bnr Quilleash smooinaghtyn er y drogh-ghoo harragh er y thie-goaldee eck. Cha hoig ee ec y traa shen dy beagh ny taghyrtyn shoh jannoo foays mooar da'n dellal eck. Aghterbee, hug ee cooat mooee, ren ee greimmey poagey-laue as magh lhee marish y scruteyr dys gleashtan meoir-shee. Gyn failleil, va peiagh ennagh shooyl shaghey va enney eck urree. She Bnr Piaggio v'ayn. V'ee gobbraghey ayns banc.
'S'treih lhiam' dooyrt eh..(STRY-l'yamm-DOORT-a) - 'I'm sorry' he said..
'..shegin dhyt cheet marym..' (SYDN-dut-chitt-MAAR-im)-' must come with me'
('..there is compulsion to-you coming with-me..')
She Fenella yn ennym orrym.. (shay-fen-ELL-a-in-ENN-um-ORR-um) - My name is Fenella.. ('It's Fenella the name on me..')
Cre'n fa shegin dou jannoo shen? (krinn-FAA-SYDN-dow-JINN-oo-shen) - Why must I do that?
..jeeaghyn mysh ny goaldee (JEEKH-un-mush-na-GAWL-dee) - ..looking after (about) the guests
Bee ny guillyn ain feyshtey ad (bee-na-GILL-yun-INE-FAYSH-cha-add) - Our boys will be questioning them ('The boys at-us will be questioning them')
Agh cha nel fys erbee oc er ny reddyn quaagh ren taghyrt! (akh-ha-NELL-FISS-er- BEE-ock-err-na-RITH-un-KWAAKH-renn-TAGH-ert) - But they know nothing about the strange things which happened! ('But there is not knowledge at all at-them on the strange things which did happening!')
..smooinaghtyn er y drogh-ghoo..(SMUNN-yakht-in-err-a-DRAWKH-GHOO) - ..thinking of the bad reputation..('..thinking on the bad reputation..')
..harragh er y thie-goaldee eck. (HARR-akh-err-a-TY-GAWL-dee-eck) - ..which would her guest house would get ('..which would come on the guest house at-her')
Cha hoig ee..(ha-HIGG-ee) - She did not understand..
..jannoo foays mooar da..(JINN-oo-FOW-iss-MOOR-daa) - ..doing great benefit to..
..da'n dellal eck (daan-DELL-al-eck) her business (' the business at-her')
..hug ee cooat mooee..(HUGG-ee-KOO-at--MOO-ee) -..she put a coat on.. ee greimmey.. (renn-ee-GREEM-a) - ..she seized.. peiagh ennagh shooyl shaghey va enney eck urree (va-PY-akh-enn-YAKH- SHOO-al-shah-va-ENN-ya-eck-URR-ee) - ..there was someone walking past who knew her ('..there was someone walking past was acquaintance at-her on-her')
She Bnr Piaggio v'ayn. (shay-ben-INE-shter-pee-ADJ-ee-oh-vawn) - It was Mrs P.

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