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Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley

The Vampire Murders

Ayrn Shey-Jeig

Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley - The Vampire Murders

Skeeal straneagh liorish Brian Stowell: Ayrn 16
A serial story by Brian Stowell: Part 16

Agh ny yei shen as ooilley, va argid dy liooar eck. Va ny smoo sleih goll ree hene ayns Mannin nish as va caarjyn dy liooar eck, erskyn oilley ayns yn cheshaght-viritch. As v'ee abyl scapail mennick dy liooar gys jiass Hostyn dy aa-niartaghey ee hene. Hooill ee gys gless-huarystal as yeeagh ee urree hene. V'ee jeih bleeaney as tree feed dy eash agh v'ee foast aalin er aght ennagh. Va ny sooillyn gorrym bioyr foast as va'n folt eck yindyssagh foast, ga dy row eh lheeah. Rose Sostnagh, v'ad oilley gra ree. Paart jeh ny caarjyn eck ayns Surrey ooilley ny bleeantyn shen er dy henney, cha dod ad toiggal cre'n fa phoos ee rish y Manninagh aeg. V'eh bunnys cho olk as poosey rish eirinagh Yernagh. Dy jarroo, va'n Manninagh jeeaghyn goll rish Yernagh lesh y folt ruy echey as ny brick-ghreiney er yn eddin echey. Ny smessey foast, v'eh loayrt goll rish Yernagh, ga dy row eh jannoo e chooid share dy loayrt myr Sostnagh ooasle.
Agh ny yei shen as ooilley...(akh-na-YA-EE-shen-azz-ULL-ya) - But nevertheless..
Va ny smoo sleih goll ree hene..(va-na-SMOO-SLY-GORR-ee-HEEN) - There were more people like herself..
The word for 'self' ('hene') is sometimes pronounced 'heedn'. caarjyn dy liooar eck..(va-KERDJ-un-the-L'YOOR-eck) - ..she had enough/lots of friends..('..there were friends enough at-her..')
..erskyn ooilley ayns yn cheshaght-viritch. (err-SKIN-ULL-ya-unnss-in-CHEZH- akht-VIRR-itch) -..above all in the bridge society.
As v'ee abyl scapail..(azz-vee-AYBL-ska-PAYL) - And she was able to escape..
There's no need to say 'abyl dy scapail ' here.
..gys jiass Hostyn..(guss-JASS-HAWSS-tun) the south of England..
No 'yn' before 'jiass' and 'S' to 'H' in 'Sostyn'.
..dy aa-niartaghey ee hene. (the-aa-N'YART-akh-a-ee-HEEN) - renew her strength. (' re-strengthen herself.')
The prefix 'aa' means 're-': 'aa-hroggal' = 'rebuilding'.
Hooill ee gys gless-huarystal..(H'YOO-ill-ee-guss-gless-HURR-ist-al) - She walked to a mirror.. yeeagh ee urree hene.(..azz-YEEKH-ee-URR-ee-HEEN) - ..and she looked at herself.
You can form past tenses by taking imperatives (orders) and changing (leniting) the first letter if necessary:
Shooill! - Walk! Hooill ee - She walked.
Jeeagh! - Look! Yeeagh ee - She looked.
Va ny sooillyn gorrym bioyr foast..(va-na-SOOL-yun-GORR-um-B'YOHR-fohss) - The blue eyes were still lively..
..cha dod ad toiggal..(ha-DODD-add-TIGG-al) - ..they could not understand..
..cre'n fa phoos ee..(krinn-faa-FOOSS-ee) - ..why she married
V'eh bunnys cho olk as poosey rish..(vay-BUNN-uss-ho-ULK-azz-POOZ-a-rish) - It was almost as bad as marrying (to)..
..lesh y folt ruy echey..(lesh-a-folt-RA-EE-EGG-a) - ..with his red hair.. ny brick-ghreiney..(azz-na-brick-GHRAYN-ya) - ..and the freckles..

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