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Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley

The Vampire Murders

Ayrn Tree

Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley - The Vampire Murders

Skeeal straneagh liorish Brian Stowell: Ayrn 3
A serial story by Brian Stowell: Part 3

Eisht honnick Bnr Quilleash y poodyr bane er meer dy phabyr er y voayrd beg rish y lhiabbee. Va pioban beg ayns shen neesht. 'Stoo anleighagh' sy thie-goaldee eck? Cha nee flooyr v'ayn son shickyrys. Cho leah's v'ee er nakin y cubbyl shen v'ee smooinaghtyn dy row red ennagh quaagh fo raad. Y ven aeg aalin as yn shenn dooinney. Cre hon reih ad y thie-goaldee ecksh? Yee ooilley-niartal!

Ren ee jeeaghyn er y chorp marroo reesht. Va mysh queig kentimeadar eddyr y daa howl sy wannal. She tuill ghlenney v'ayn. V'eh quaagh agglagh. Eisht smooinee ee dy bare jee cur fys er ny meoiryn-shee as ren ee goll sheese ny greeishyn dy tappee dys y chellvane syn offish veg eck. Ren ee jeeley nuy-nuy-nuy dy kiarailagh. Cre'n shirveish v'ee geearree? Ny meoiryn-shee, gyn ourys. V'ee loayrt dy meeley er aggle dy beagh ny goaldee syn chamyr-yinnairagh clashtyn.

Eisht honnick ee.. (esh-HONN-ick-ee) - Then she saw..
..y poodyr bane er meer dy phabyr.. (a-POOD-er-BAAN-err-MEER-the-FAAB-er) -
..the white powder on a piece of paper..
Words are changed (lenited) after 'dy' meaning 'of': 'p' becomes 'ph'. y voayrd beg rish y lhiabbee. (err-a-VORD-BEG-rish-a-L'YAVV-ee) -..on the little table by the bed.
Va pioban beg ayns shen neesht. (va-PEEB-an-BEG-unnss-SHEN-N'YISS)- There was a small tube there as well.
'Stoo anleighagh' sy thie-goaldee eck? (stoo-an-LAY-EE-akh-sa-TY-GAWL-dee- eck) - 'An unlawful substance' in her guest house?
Cha nee flooyr v'ayn (ha-n'yay-FLOOR-vawn) - It wasn't flour.
Cho leah's v'ee er nakin..(ho-LEE-az-vee-err-NAHG-in) - As soon as she had seen.. ('As soon as she was after seeing...') ennagh quaagh fo raad (RITH-enn-YAKH-KWAAKH) -..something strange going on ('under way')
Y ven aeg aalin.. (a-ven-aag-AAL-in) - The beautiful young woman..
Cre hon reih ad..? (kra-HON-RA-EE-add) - Why did they choose..?
Alternatively: 'Cre hon ren ad reih..?'
y thie-goaldee ecksh (a-TY-GAWL-dee-ECKSH) - her guest house
Yee oilley niartal! (YEE-ULL-ya-N'YART-al) - God almighty!
Va mysh queig kentimeadar..(va-mush-KWEGG-KENT-im-MAYD-er) - There was about five centimetres..
She tuill ghlenney v'ayn (shay-TOO-ill-GHLENN-a-VAWN)- They were clean holes.
'It's clean holes (which) were in'. The plural of 'towl' is 'tuill'.
..dy bare jee cur fys er ny meoiryn-shee (the-BARE-jee-kur-FISS-er-na-MERR-un- SHEE) - ..that she had better send for the police ('..that better for her putting knowledge on the police')
Ren ee jeeley nuy.. (RENN-ee-JEEL-a-NA-EE..) - She dialled nine..
V'ee looayrt dy meeley..(vee-LAWRT-the-MEEL-a) - She was speaking softly..
ny goaldee (na-GAWL-dee) - the guests

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