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Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley

The Vampire Murders

Ayrn Tree-Jeig

Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley - The Vampire Murders

Skeeal Straneagh liorish Brian Stowell; Ayrn 13
A serial story by Brian Stowell: Part 13

Va Bnr Quilleash mollit, agh cha dooyrt ee veg. Cre'n aght veagh enney eck er gagh shenn riftan ayns Mannin, smooinee ish. Eisht haink peeikearys urree as vrie ee cre'n ennym va er y dooinney marroo, dy firrinagh. Ren y cronneyder creddal dy leshtallagh. Cha dod eh ginsh jee. Va'n dooinney marroo mie er enn ec ymmodee sleih ayns seihll politickagh as seihll argidoil Vannin. Askell Mylyvoirrey v'ayn, cha nee 'Mainshtyr Jones'. Gyn ourys erbee, tra veagh fys ec y teihll er ny reddyn ren taghyrt sy thie-goaldee, she skeeal feer vooar veagh ayn. As veagh boirey dy liooar ec ny h-earisheyryn veih cheeraghyn elley lesh sliennoo Askell. V'eh rieau slane soiet er goaill ymmyd jeh lhieggan dooghyssagh y cliennoo echey. Shimmey peiagh ayns Mannin hene veagh gaccan mychione shen. Agh veagh Askell scughey ad ass y raad lesh craid as gearey niartal.
mollit (MOLL-it) - disappointed
You can think of 'veg' as meaning 'anything': Cha dooyrt ee veg (ha- DOORT-ee-VEGG) - She didn't say anything.
Cre'n aght veagh enney eck..(krinn-AKHT-vee-ukh-ENN-ya-ECK) - How would she be acquainted with..('How would there be acquaintance at-her..')
..gagh shenn riftan..(gakh-shann-RIFFT-an) -..each old rascal..
..haink peeikearys urree..(HENK-peek-AYR-iss-URR-ee) -..she became inquisitive..
('..inquisitiveness came on-her..')
..creddal dy leshtallagh. (KREDD-al-the-LESH-chall-akh) -coughing apologetically
Cha dod eh ginsh jee. (ha-DODD-a-GINSH-jee) - He couldn't tell her.
..mie er enn ec ymmodee sleih..(MY-err-EDDN-eck-IMM-ud-ee-SLY) - ..well known to lots of people..('..good on acquaintance at many people..')
..ayns seihll politickagh as seihll argidoil Vannin. (unnss-SALE-pol-ITT-ick-akh- azz-SALE-erg-idd-OLE-VANN-in) - ..the political world and the financial world of the Isle of Man..
Askell Mylvoirrey v'ayn, cha nee 'Mainshtyr Jones' (ASK-ell-mull-VURR-a-VAWN, ha-N'YAY-mine-shter-JONES) - It was Askell Mylvoirrey, not 'Mnr Jones'.
..tra veagh fys ec y teihll..(TRAA-vee-ukh-FISS-egg-a-TALE) - ..when the world knew..('..when there would be knowledge at the world..')
Manx uses the logical tense of the verb in the expression above.
..she skeeal vooar veagh ayn. (shay-SKEE-al-VOOR-vee-ukh-AWN) - would be a big story. (''s a big story which would be in'.)
As veagh boirey dy liooar ec ny h-earisheyryn..(azz-vee-ukh-BURR-a-the-L'YOOR- eck-na-hirr-ish-AYR-un) - And the journalists..would have plenty of trouble..
('And there would be trouble enough at the journalists..')
..lesh sliennoo Askell. (lesh-SL'YENN-oo-ASK-ell) - ..with Askell's surname.
V'eh rieau slane soiet (vay-R'YOO-sleddn-SA-EET) - He was always absolutely set
..lhieggan dooghyssagh y cliennoo echey. (L'YEGG-an-DOOGH-izz-akh-a- CL'YENN-oo-EGG-a) - ..the native form of his surname.
Shimmey peiagh..(SHIMM-a-PY-akh) - Many's the person..
scughey ad ass y raad (SK'YUKH-a-add-ass-a-RAAD)-shifting them out of the way
..craid as gearey.. (KRAADJ-azz-GAY-ra) - ..mockery and laughter..

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