Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man
Gynsaghey Gaelg - Coorse Smoashal

Anki flashcards

This is a crash course in understanding basic Manx (Gaelg) developed by Austin Miller for Culture Vannin and will teach you how to speak in the present and past tense, some useful adjectives, verbs, and nouns, how to use “she”, and how to say you like or would like things. There’s much more to learn after this, but this will give you a solid foundation.

  1. Download Anki from - the programme is completely free and you do not need to create an account unless you want to synchronise your collection with another device. AnkiDroid is freely available for all Android systems. (AnkiMobile costs around £23.99, but can be shared with and installed on all devices.)

  2. Download the Gynsaghey Gaelg - Coorse Smoashal file.

  3. Double-click on the file and this will open in Anki.

  4. Clicking on the deck will start your learning session - clicking on “Again” or “Good” which shuffle the card into a review deck for the same day, so check back later for any cards you need to repeat; clicking on “Easy” will shuffle the card into the deck and you will not see it until (at earliest) the next day.

  5. You can change any settings (how many “new” cards you see a day, how many review cards you see a day, how long the gaps should be between seeing cards, etc.) in the Tools > Preferences menu.

Each “card” is made up of 2 flashcards - one which will show you a Manx word or sentence to help you practise reading, and one which is just a Manx word or sentence being said so you can practise your listening. You shouldn’t see both of these cards on the same day - Anki is designed to help you try and remember things with as few hints as possible, which strengthens memories! If you want to turn this setting off, it can be found in the Tools >Preferences menu.