Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


The last few years have seen a growth of interest and support for Manx Gaelic. Key to this change in attitude has been an increasingly supportive stance to the language taken by a number of Manx based organisations and businesses. In this section of the site we have information about a number of those organisations who have supported and used the language; hence giving the language a real future in the Island.


Sure have provided The Manx Heritage Foundation with significant financial support for the the Manx Gaelic Language app for iPhones; iPads and Android phones which will be release in November, 2012

Lloyds TSB IOM

The recent publication of the Manx version of the Gruffalo was made possible thanks to the generous financial support of LLoyds TSB in the Island. Yindyssagh - wonderful

Manx Telecom

Manx Telecom / Çhellinsh Vannin have provided some fantastic and innovation support for a number of Manx events including the Cooish and the Cruinnaght. This support has included not only excellent publicity for both these events but also includes music and Gaelic lessons available at their ‘Modo’ site. Gura mie eu to all at Manx Telecom.

Long & Humphrey

It's great to see that modern companies with a cutting edge reputation see the language as a key component of both Manx life and business. Long & Humphrey aboo!

Manx Radio

Clearly the support for the language from Radio Vannin has been crucial over the last few years in developing public support for Manx. Manx Radio has a number of programmes which use the language and which deal with the Island's rich Gaelic culture. Their incidental use of the language has played a vital role in raising the profile of the language and making it relevant to a modern Island. We also have a really good afternoon class with some members of staff every Thursday. Creeley veih Doolish...shoh Radio Vannin.


Cains has been a key financial supporter for the Manx Language over the last few years; their continued support for the Manx Language Festival has been crucial in developing the event over the last few years.

IM 9 Ltd

IM9 has been a consistent financial supporter of the Cooish and enthusiastic supporter for all things Gaelic.


There is always some Gaelg to be heard at the best Thie-lhionney in the Island's most Gaelic pub. Gura mie mooar eu as Gaelg Aboo.

Isle of Man Newspapers

Isle of Man Newspapers / Pabyryn Ellan Vannin have proved to be fantastic supporters of the language of recent. Most noticeably this has included a series of video lessons which use Manx Gaelic. This has been a very important development which has not only increased the visibility of the language but has allowed those in the language community to use Manx in innovative ways. The news staff have always been supportive of Manx Gaelic events, including the Cooish and Cruinnaght, whilst the regular Thursday lunch-time lesson is going to produce some excellent Manx speakers.

Friends and Heroes

One issue facing Manx is trying to make the language relevant and interesting to learners and children alike. Friends and Heroes, based in Ramsey, have showed fantastic support for the language in allowing us to dub the first part of their award winning cartoon series. The production of this is well under way and the first cartoons should be released next year. This is a really exciting development. Gura mie mooar eu

The Book Company

The Book Company on Castle Street, Douglas, has recently added bi-lingual signage around the store: it looks fantastic. Gura mie mooar eu to all at the store.

Isle of Man Post Office

Not only do they probably have the biggest sign in Manx in the Island, the Post office now has a really successful weekly Manx Language Class.

Chamber of Commerce

It is good to have the support of the Island's Chamber of Commerce as such support is crucial in adding credibility to the language. With the Chamber's support the Manx Gaelic Open / Closed signs should add a Gaelic element to local businesses.

Family Manx Magazine

Since its inception family Manx Magazine has shown a real interest in the language and culture of the Island. It features a regular bi-lingual column and a number of articles featuring advice for learners and speakers. Jeant dy mie!

Isle of Man Steampacket

The Isle of Man Steam Packet has a rich tradition and is keen to illustrate this with support for the language: listen out for their announcements in Manx.

Stewart Clague Services - SCS

SCS is an Isle of Man registered company specialising in all aspects of the building services industry. In respect of the language they have been something of a market leader having had Manx on their vans for a number of years now. Gura mie ayd.

Water Board

The use by the IOM Water Authority of 'Ushtey' on their vans has been a fantastic PR success for the language.

The Rovers in Doolish

A great venue in Douglas and a fantastic location for the weekly language class. Every Tuesday from 1.00-2.00.


Energy or Bree Fm has provided Manx Gaelic phrases to download and listen to on its website at:

Isle of Man Bus and Rail

Apart from a great deal of bi-lingual material in their printed timetables, IOM Bus and Rail have also been at the cutting edge of Gaelic signs. Look out for a Doolish or Rhumsaa on their buses or a Balley Sallagh on the trains. Fantastic...gura mie eu


The Lexicon bookshop in Doolish has a fantastic collection of Manx Gaelic books and resources

Cosy Nook

The Cosy Nook in Port Erin has one of the best bi-lingual menus around. Check their food out on the traie.


Ambitions, the Recruitment Consultants based in Doolish, will always welcome you with a Moghrey or Fastyr mie. Gura mie mooar eu.

Manx Family Library

The Manx Family Library probably has some of the best Gaelic signage in the Island. What the Library has on display illustrates, that with a little imagination, organisations can do a great deal for the language at little cost. If you haven't visited them already then make sure you do. Yindyssagh!

Mannin Collections

Mannin Collections Ltd. has been specialist dealers in Isle of Man items since 1972 and has a large stock of antiquarian Manx books, paintings, maps, prints, china, coins and banknotes. Based in Castle Street, Peel Alan Kelly of Mannin Collections has been a fantastic supporter of the Manx Language Festival. Gura mie mooar ayd.

Celtic Gold

Located in Purt ny h-Inshey Celtic Gold has been a keen supporter of the Island's Celtic traditions and has a fantastic collection of Manx, Celtic and Archie Knox jewellery.

Manx Inspirations

Manx Inspirations is the largest wholesaler of gifts from the Isle of Man. Apart from having a fantastic collection of Manx based gifts they also ensure that they incorporate the language in as many products as possible. Jeant dy mie!


A great spot in Peel opposite the Post Office where you can always be sure of a warm welcome in Manx. Fantastic support: Gura mie mooar ayd.