Dedicated to the Gaelic Language of the Isle of Man


A number of awards and bursaries exist to support and celebrate the Manx language. 

The Kaneen Bursary is open to school groups (year 5 and above) or an individual aged 18 - 30 for a school visit or attendance at a summer school in Ireland. It was made possible by the late Professor Brian Kaneen, and reflects his wish for young Manx speakers to develop a wider understanding of the wider Gaelic world. Applications open each September, and the bursary is awarded each November. You can find out more information, including eligibility for the bursary, along with application forms here: Kaneen Bursary Information and Forms 2023

The Sophia Morrison Award was made possible thanks to the T C M and C N Frost Bequest to Culture Vannin and recognises excellence at TCG (GCSE) Manx. It is awarded annually, and the recipient is selected by the Department of Education, Sport and Culture's Manx Language Unit. The inaugural recipients were Fiona Pierce and Elena Caley (2022). You can read more about the award here: Sophia Morrison Award.

Each year, the Londeyr (Lantern) award is presented to a person and/or organisation who have striven to support and 'shine a new light' on and for Manx. The award is presented by Jeebin, the Manx Language Network. Previous recipients have included Joney Faragher (MHK) and The Fynoderee Distillery (2022), Isle of Man Post Office (2021), illustrator Vicky Webb - Crumpets & Crabsticks (2020), journalist Paul Moulton (2019) and journalist Dollin Mercer (2018).

The Aundeyr Brian Stowell is awarded by Manx language charity, Pobble, and recognises creativity in using Manx Gaelic. For more information on the award, see